My fear:

Going from this

To this

There is a funny thing about living in Florida. You have to deal with hurricanes.

My wife is the best with dealing with them. She has a list and we stock up and get all the necessities!

Truthfully, you learn that you are never ready for a hurricane. You just have to wait it out, access the damage and go from there.

No one can beat a hurricane. You can prepare for one, but it is so brutal.

My hurricane will come, just like this WW Success Story. It will be hard and furious. I will gain a few pounds and try real hard to hold on. I will lose faith in “diets” and think I am a failure.

But trust me, I am trying to prepare for it.

Every single day of my life.

But you can’t. It will happen.

How will he react after the damage is done?

How will I react after the damage is done?

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