An excerpt from “The Anti-Jared. From 420 pounds to 198 doing it the right…wrong… my way”

September 20, 2008

There I was like every single Monday for the last six months. Grey shorts, white shirt, black slip-on shoes sitting in the back of the Weight Watchers meeting in Lake Mary, Florida looking at the floor.
In 26 weeks, I lost a ridiculous 171 pounds. I was a Weight Watchers true delight! I counted my points every day. I measured everything that went into my system. I controlled my “flex” points and I religiously had my handy-dandy pedometer in my back pocket to see how many steps I took every day.
I knew how many points were in everything. If not the points, I knew the calorie amount. After dieting for over twenty years, I had my degree in “knowing everything about dieting except putting it into action for life.” I think there is a class about this taught at Rutgers.
With all of this going on, I thought about only one thing while looking at the floor at Weight Watchers….
“I was going to fail like I always have.”
I could already see it in me. I was getting cocky. Losing 171 pounds in that short of a time can do it to you!
But it was not only that. I saw other things going on. I saw my portion sizes going up.
The “cup” of Fiber one became three cups. The 100 calorie snack became four of them. I was losing weight, but for how long.
My bad habits started coming back.
While looking at the floor I realized this is the way it has always been for me. I would lose weight, get cocky, and then gain it back. I was so much more powerful than food. I was better than the portion sizes. I….
I was scared. I had every right to be.
While looking at the floor the meeting started. It was about the Weight Watchers crown jewel. The heaven of Weight Watchers. It was about….
The “zero point” food.
The “zero point” food is the perfect item. It is the healthiest food with the right portion size. It is the most abused item in Weight Watchers.
During the discussion a woman was getting irate about the “zero point” snack. She could not understand why an apple was “zero” points yet two apples were 1.5 points.
She was going on and on about it. Every WW meeting I have been to had someone ranting. It was a norm.
I continued to look at the floor, losing confidence in myself. Wondering if I could do this for the rest of my life.
All of the sudden, a woman lashed out. She said something that changed my life.
“You are worried about an apple. Apples won’t make you fat! It’s not the fruits and vegetables that make you fat, it is KFC, Ruby Tuesdays and your mom’s meatloaf.”
People were offended she made this comment. It was not supportive.
That offensive comment probably saved my life.
What she said made me think. I thought about cavemen. I thought about how I have never seen an overweight caveman before…well, except for Fred Flinstone which does not count. I also thought about God. He made certain foods; maybe I should focus on those?
Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and beans? If I eat like this for the rest of my life, then maybe I have a chance. If I eat a little too much, I can still maintain my weight. Maybe?
I had a lot of thinking to do. I was still looking down at the floor at the Weight Watchers meeting. Now though, I was looking with a little more confidence than before.

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