There is one part of blogging that I love. The one part that makes it worthwhile for me.

It is how a post is taken by people.

When I wrote “Normal 420 Pounder, I took my wedding picture and looked at it. That picture looked like a contestant on a love reality show. So I decided to do a “funny” piece making fun of all the weight loss shows and how it depicts overweight people.

I never thought people would think it was true. I will admit, I did write it convincingly, but I just wanted to be funny. I was being me.

When I wrote “Chuck Norris Surgeon General”, I really wanted to write about Chuck Norris because every time I was on Facebook I got a invitation to do a quiz on how long I would last with him in a fight.
After reading the post, I still really did not give my opinion on if Regina Benjamin should be the Surgeon General.
Yet so many people were upset over the post.

Well, lets see where this post takes us!

So many “successful weight loss” people love to tell you what they eat and how they work out. They tell you exactly what they eat every day, how long they worked out, how much water they drink, how their plan is the best! They tell you what is wrong with the way you eat and what you need to change.

I don’t want to be one of those people!

I have been asked numerous times to write down what I eat on an average day or what a workout consists of for me.

I try to answer those to the best of my ability, but I am not fond of answering those questions

Why, you might ask. Well, I do not think weight loss has anything to do with what other people do.

That is also NOT what my blog is about!

My blog is about what works for you and courage. It is a glimpse into a former 400 pounder who lost a lot of weight, yet is still up against the ropes in maintaining it for life. I always will be.

Everyone will lose weight differently. In 2009, there are so many different weight loss/healthy plan/eating programs out there. 90% of them are free on the Internet.

Why do you think mine is so much different. It isn’t.

In 2009, you can go to free websites and build a whole workout routine for yourself, gym or no gym.

Why is mine better?

My diet and exercise are basic. Fruits, vegetables, beans, and lean meats. I am not exaggerating about it. Working out consists of cardio and weight training. Nothing special.

Here is what is special, I follow it each and every day. I make time to go to the gym, and if I can not do it I work out at home. It is not easy with a newborn, but I make it happen!

I eat consistently the same every day as well. I know how I am. So many of my diets have been ruined by believing I could “Only have one piece of pizza”.

After thirty years, I know I can not “have one piece of pizza”.

You need to find out what works for you. If you “need a cheat day” then work it in your program. If you “can’t resist chocolate” then incorporate it in your plan.

Now, here is what I hope my blog will tell you about weight loss.


To lose weight you have to have courage. You have to be able to say no to that doughnut at the office and cookies at midnight if it not part of your plan.

You have to have the courage to TIVO a show and work out instead of saying”I had a long day so I am not working out”.

You see, I kind of talk about it, but the weirdest part of my story is I am a restaurant manager.

When you hear about a 200+ loser who works out a lot, you would not think he works in an Italian family-style restaurant (Family style by the way means large portions. The smallest portion in my restaurant feeds three people).

I am around food 70-80 hours a week. At any point I can have a wonderful meal, or snack, or taste.

Yet I do not. Not anymore.

And over what I eat and how I work out, that is the key to my success. That is how I lost 200 pounds and how I have kept it off for so long.

I know that life will not get easier. That my weight will be a life long battle.

I have to have the courage to say no to foods I “can not resist”. I do not make excuses for missing a workout. I do not mind failing as long as I am trying.

‘This is for life now.

This is why in three years I will keep my weight off. I know what I am up against. I am okay with that.

If that is the only thing people take from my blog, I will be incredibly happy.

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