I have seen it before!
You are talking to someone and all of the sudden they rant about something. They do not give you the entire story, so it really makes no sense. They just seem weird

Example #1

You and a friend at dinner talking about sports when all of the sudden….

“You know what! Wal– Mart is the devil!I hate the greeters, and the cashiers. I hate the aisles…I hate everything about it! It makes me sick!”

Yet, your friend did not tell you that his grandfathers business closed down because of Wal-mart, so he looks like a crazy person!

Example #2

You are reading a blog when all of the sudden you see….

“I hate bicycles!”

Now, why would someone hate bicycles? It makes no sense! Yet, maybe they just injured themselves on a bicycle.

No, hating bicycles is weird!

So what I am going to write is going to make no sense to you as well. It is my “crazy person” rant. It has been in me for a while, not sure why, and it will make no sense where it came from, so please do not try to guess:

I am a born leader. I was the same person at 420 pounds that I am at 198 pounds. As much as I want to think I am different, I am not.
I have always been tough yet compassionate. I have been kind yet uncompromising.
I have been that way since I was 6 years old. Although not the most popular of sorts, I was always the leader in my groups. I love being a leader!
When you are a leader, you must take accountability for not only yourself, but everyone around you. That is my favorite part about it. If I am the only one that loses weight, and everyone around me gains, then we all fail. If I have the secret to weight loss and give it out, yet it is not executed properly, then what is the point. That is the difference between being a success story and a success.
I am a success. Not because of my weight loss, but because of the person I am. In this day and age, being a devoted husband and father makes me feel great! Being the leader in my house is responsibility that I have longed for my whole life.
As much as people think that I changed, I have not. I do believe that people do not change. A cheater will always be a cheater, and a winner will always be a winner. I have seen it in action to many times. I am a winner. Not because I lost more weight than most. Not because I work out harder than most. I am a winner because I play to win. I do not quit, but I do know my limitations.
I answer over 50 weight loss emails a day. Most are from people who want me to design a diet and workout plan. I will not do that. I can not lose weight for people.
When people ask me for tweaking and suggestions,I can answer those. They have started putting the roof on their house. Those are the people who I love helping. Maybe one day I will help people as a full time job. Maybe I will inspire people and get a paycheck at the end of the day. For now, it is a great feeling in my soul when people send me their own success stories.

So today I feel like I finished building my baseball diamond from the corn field in Iowa.

“Now What? I built it, what do I do now?”

If at all possible, on this post, the only comment I would like would be the last fruit that you ate. I will be the first commenter!

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