In February, my brother asked me about “weight-loss blogs”.

You see, my brother is one of the top writers in the country. He is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, has three books out, and has a blog that has had over 10 million hits.

At the time I tried to explain all of the different bloggers in the “weight-loss” realm.

There are your fitness bloggers:
“Workout!! And drink your H20 and jump on a BOSU ball!!!”

There are your weight loss bloggers:
” I could not believe it! I ate a printer and still managed to lose 1.2 pounds!”

There are your “It’s not fair” bloggers:
“You know something!!! Why is it that if I eat a television I gain weight but my 12 year old does not gain a pound if she eats a carrot!!!”

There are your “I will inspire you whether you like it or not” bloggers:
“I’d like to call my movement “Cheese Please!!!” It is going to catch on. Get it!”

There are your whining bloggers:
“Anonymous commenter!!! Why, WHY!!!!”

There are your “flip-flop” bloggers:
” I hate blogging!!!!!! Can’t wait to write tomorrow!”
“I quit dieting forever!!!!!!!! i will start back on Tuesday!

There are your “Product Pusher” bloggers:
“I went to the bathroom to do a “Number One”. Speaking of one, have you had the new Fiber One Pork Rinds?”

There are your “Recipe” bloggers:
“Have I got a doozy for you! It is a low-fat lard made of toothpicks and gravel!”

There are also the”I will tell my life story in every comment” bloggers.

Then you have your….

East Coast Vs. West Coast Battles
(Blogher vs. Floggers)

Lebron Vs. Shaq
(Mizfit vs. Roni)

You have your “up and coming” bloggers and your veterans.

“Well Tony, where do you fit in?”

Truthfully, I have been blogging for over a year now. I have over 250 posts. Yet, I do not consider myself a blogger, although I guess I am.

Writing is not my passion. My brother is the writer of the family!

Yet, I still consistently write week after week!

See, I have a great story. My goal is to have that 400 pound person who thinks there is no way to lose weight to read my blog and find some hope!

It is working, and that is why I will continue to blog!

Emails and Comments power my blog!

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