So here are a few questions I have been asked over the last few days:

Q: Did you eat “healthy” while you were at the hospital

A: I was at the hospital for five days. I did not go home to sleep, I stayed on one of those deluxe super duper fantastic foam bed. By the way, nothing with the word foam in it is super duper.
They had a cafeteria downstairs with different pre-made foods. They also had a huge buffet/salad bar. I think the food was $.54 an ounce.
With over 100 different selections, I always had spinach, broccoli, eggs, red kidney beans, mushrooms, cottage cheese, and a slice of deli chicken.
I would also buy an apple at a buck a pop! That is one expensive fruit!
So I did eat the way I have been for over a year. It was not super delicious, but then again I do not think and hospital food is supposed to be.

Q: Now with the baby, are you still working out?

A: It is funny how my weight loss was all about me when I started, and now so many people support me. I have an incredible family, on both sides. My mom’s third question after asking about the baby and wife is if I am working out.
Now, I have taken time off from work to take care of my baby and wife, but I do have family come over for a couple of hours so I can go to the gym. I do a lot of work, so now more than ever it is important for me to be in shape.
I still wake up at 4:45am, but for a better cause. I also wake up at 3am, 1am, and any other “am” you can put in!
But yes, I am still going strong!

Q: Has your life changed?

A: Hmmmmmm……

Q: Oh my, it is July 1st, and I saw you had a contest, and I want to enter but I will not be able to get a picture to July 4th and where do I send it and…..

A: I am pretty excited about the “Missouri 60” because I have written down a lot of goals for myself. I will share them as I go along.
You can enter this contest any time in the 60 days! I will not tell someone they missed out on the deadline. It is to better yourself, not to win exercise cards!

Entering the contest takes courage. I have seen so many pictures, but the best part is the reaction. First I love the courage of people taking the pictures of themselves, then they beat themselves up, and then they get motivated!

Remember, this contest is for 60 days for a reason. That is where the difficult part comes in.

It is easy to enter a contest, but hard to finish one. I see so many people who love challenges, yet never finish one!

Enter this anytime.

Q: Prizes?

A:I have sent out some letters to companies to review products for this contest. I am not a fan of reviewing, but I am a fan of this challenge, so I will make the sacrifice. If you know of something to promote on here, let me know in exchange for a sweet prize!

If I can not find anything, I will get my own prizes. Also, give me ideas. I am a restaurant manager, not a party planner.

Q: In the contest, is it who loses the most weight?

A: Not at all! This contest is about who changes their life in 60 days. Maybe they asked and got a promotion at work, or maybe they changed the way they eat, or maybe they had the courage to go to Oregon.
Maybe you did lose that last “20 pounds” or join a gym. Maybe you passed on your mom’s meatloaf.
To me, weight loss is about courage. 60 days is a lot longer than you think! It is about turning “Maybe” into “Definitely”!

Q: Are you going to put up pictures of people in the contest?

A: No, you should proudly display them on your blog. If you like, I can put a link on my blog for you blog, or something like that?

Q: I am so confused? How are you going to decide a winner?

A: Let’s see how many people stick with this for 60 days. I have time for more details….

Q:I have a few more questions for you!

A: As always, email me questions anytime. My email is on my profile on the right. I will answer as much as possible.

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