First off, I want to thank everyone for commenting on Jen’s blog.

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Well, maybe not, I think the last time I checked she was at 117 comments. I will have to think of something creative after 140 comments because my gym has strict rules about being on a piece of cardio for 65 minutes.

Trust me though, I will try to go longer, I will have to “sneak the sweat”!

I have been overweight my whole life. When you are an overweight kid, there are a few things that come with the territory:

1. Your pants will have to be shortened. You can not wear size 38 pants when you are 5 foot 1 and 220 and not have them adjusted.
2. You always think people are making fun of you. One of my defense mechanisms was to beat people to the punch and make fun of myself first.

3. Have nicknames

I have had more nicknames about my weight than I can count. I have heard it all!

Piggy, Chubs, Fat-Ass, Butterball, Jackie Gleason, Orson Wells (The smart drama kids called me that!), Hungry Hippo, etc…..

Trust me, if you want me to go on, I will!

The one thing that has always bothered me, and I might be the only on that is bothered by this, is when people refer to themselves as fat.

It does not make sense to me.

Here is why.

At what weight are you “fat”.

Example one- In high school I thought I was fat. I looked in the mirror with my shirt off in disgust. I would do everything to lose weight. In 1990, I really did not have many options except not eat very much.
I lost weight and still thought I was fat.
By the way, in high school, I was 5 foot 6 and weighed 164 pounds.

Example two- Last August, I lost an incredible 140 pounds. I was going to the gym 6 days a week. I was “eating clean” for a couple of months. I was able to take walks with my wife, and I ran around at work. There was no way I was fat!
By the way, last August I was 5 foot 6 and weighed 280 pounds.

I think that people throw the word fat on themselves so much, and it is so subjective. They say they are fat and weigh 180 pounds. Then someone else says they are fat and weighs 240 pounds.

There is a girl I know that “needs to lose five pounds” because she has “never been this fat!!”

She weighs 110 pounds.

Here is maybe the main reason I do not like the word:

Once you “think” you are fat, you will always be fat in your mind!

You will lose the five pounds, then realize you need to lose five more. It is hard to get out of that “fat” mentality!

You will always beat yourself up.

You will look at yourself and think you are fat. People around you will say “Oh my God, you are not fat!” but we will think that.

I told this to someone who thought it was a dumb concept. In fact, so many people will!

She looked at me and said “Well, what should we call ourselves?”

Overweight maybe. At least there is a point where you are not overweight.

Phat maybe?

How about “determined to get healthy”.

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