As you might know, I love going to the gym!

I love lifting weights and I love the elliptical machine!

At my gym there are plenty of bench press machines and barbells. There are over 40 elliptical machines and 50 treadmills!

There are only 2 StairMaster machines. No one is ever on them either!

Well, except for this really thin girl with a “Bebe Sport” top, but that does not count!

Stairs are a scary thing for an overweight person. I always hated going up stairs. I would get out of breath. I would feel numbness in my arms.

I could not do it!

After working out for over a year, I finally decided to tackle the StairMaster.

If you have never done the machine, here is a brief synopsis of it.

First 5 minutes- You wonder why so many people complain about doing this. I mean, it is just stairs?
After 5 minutes- Death!

I worked my way up to 39 minutes on the machine after a couple of months. I would do it, then jump on the elliptical for another 30 minutes.

Anyway, so the other day, I saw this girl Jen on twitter.

She was texting while on the machine for support to go 45 minutes on the machine.

Sidenote– If you have not gone to Jen’s blog, you should do so. She has lost 100 pounds, and her before and current pictures are amazing.
She is also the kind of blogger I like. She is one of those “I lost weight and want to help others” type of people. No fakeness with her!

Here is where I got irritated with myself. Here I am struggling with 39 minutes while Jen is going 45 minutes while texting on the machine.

Texting! Full 140 characters while on the machine while I am struggling with 39 minutes!

I realized I was better than the 39 minutes I have done, so I decided to challenge her to “The StairMaster Invitational“!

Here are the rules:

We each get 30 minutes on the machine:
For every comment you leave on Jen’s post– 15 seconds are added to my time
For every comment you leave on my blog post– 15 seconds are added to her time

Either way, for every comment you leave on either post, I will donate $.10 per comment to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

I would love to get over 120 comments on here because I think she can do an hour!

I would love for her to get 140 comments!

Pretty simple. This is going on from now until Friday 5pm CST.

Now, if you know me, I usually do not wait. I was pretty pumped. So instead of doing back and biceps yesterday, I went on the SCARY StairMaster.

I went for 65 minutes.

Here is a picture of the machine at 61 minutes. Oooohhhh, over 200 floors!

Now, I am still off from work taking care of my wife and baby. Working out time is very precious to me. After going on the machine, I rushed home. I needed to cook dinner. Although I rarely talk about it, I am a chef.

Here is what I cooked for her- Tilapia with artichokes, olives, spinach, mushrooms, and brown rice

What, you thought she ate raw cauliflower as well!!!

Then it was time to feed baby and change the diapers. I love changing diapers by the way.
Here is a picture of me with a diaper. If you look, I am still sweating under my sweatshirt after two hours!So the challenge is on. I would love for you to go to Jen’s website and leave a comment.

I would love to see her get over 140 comments, which would make me break my 65 minute record.

I would love for her to go a hour on the Stairmaster as well. I know she can do it!

I did!

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