Today after working out I went to Wal-Mart, I mean SUUUUPPPER WAL-MART!!!!!! (Groceries make it Super!)

There is nothing better than being full of sweat and going to a busy Wal-Mart with two cashiers on duty!

After 20 minutes it was my turn to check out.

A 300 pound cashier with a beaming smile greets me, and then goes into an amazing monologue!

Here is exactly what the cashier told me:

“Hey, sir! Thanks for coming in! How are you today!
Hey I see you are getting some apples and salad. Are you on a diet or something?
I just lost 15 pounds, but I am power lifting!
I lifted 350 pounds on the bench press the other day! Some people do not believe me, but I did it.
I also squatted 700 pounds. Now listen, do me a favor, if you bench press or squat, please have a spotter.
Everyone is born with two knees and arms and we need to take care of them, okay!
Hey! You are smiling, I am glad I made you smile!
Anyway, as I was saying, I lost 15 pounds, but I suggest you start off slow. 1-2 pounds is all you should be losing a week. I AM SERIOUS!!!
If you lose more, you will lose muscle and then not be able to bench press. I did tell you that I bench press 350 pounds, right.
Hmmm, peaches, you ARE on a diet!
I love Oreos! Double Stuff are my favorite. So good! I used to have a girlfriend who loved them as well, but I am single now.

Ahhh yeah, single and ready to mingle!!!! I would love to go on a date now because I want to see the Harry Potter movie! I really do not want to go by myself.
Maybe someone here will want to go? I love working here, people are so nice to me.
Anyway, did I tell you I can bench 350 pounds!

I did not interrupt this employee one time. I did not tell him that I lost over 200 pounds, or how much I work out, or that I just had a baby.

I just listened to him and smiled.

On my way out, I saw some sort of manager/supervisor and went up to her:

“Hey, I was just in the checkout line for 20 minutes.”

“Oh, I do apologize.”

“You see that guy working the cash register”

“Oh, Bob? He can be annoying”

“Yeah, Bob! Take care of him! I did not find him annoying. He loves his job and cares about the people who go through the line. He is a keeper!”

I truly LOVE people who care!

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