December 14, 2007 7:36am 420 pounds

“Man, I did not get any sleep last night. Stupid arm kept on going numb. Which arm is it for the heart attack, left or right. I think left. Well, both arms were numb. That really sucks, I could have used the sleep. Thank god I am off work today!
I do not want to get up. I am wet all over. How hot is it in this house! I do not have any clothes to change into. I really need to wash my shirt and pants. Well, I am upstairs, the machine is downstairs. Maybe I will wash my clothes later.
Wait, it is not hot in this house. I needed to go to the bathroom three hours ago but did not get up. I really hope I did not wet the bed. That would suck!!!! Especially since I do not have another pair of underwear to put on. Oh well!
It is amazing how I take up most of a queen size bed. But I fit on it, so that is good!
I really need to start eating better. I think I will start today! Wait, I have pizza in the fridge. Good thing I bought three yesterday!!! Well, maybe I will start eating well later on tonight. Yeah!
I need to go to the bathroom again, but I really do not have the energy. Let me go back to bed. I am not doing anything today. I will just tell the wife I did not feel well. And when I do get up, I will clean the mess the dog left!”


June 3, 2009 198 pounds

“What keeps you motivated?”

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