Today I went shopping for food when I saw the huge display for…….

“Pop Tarts With Fiber”

Yep, those delicious Pop Tarts now have fiber in them. If I am not mistaken, 20% more!!!

You know, I want to apologize to every single one of my readers. Every one!

I want to apologize to the 98% that support me no matter what.
I want to apologize to the 2% that do not support me yet read every post and know an incredible amount about me:

“I hate you. In post 132 you wrote that you ate a apple chip. I thought you only ate fresh apples. You disgust me!! By the way, how is the wife and baby?

I want to apologize to my wife and my baby and my dog.

Even my cats!

Why am I apologizing you might ask?

Because I need to be more honest.

I have lost 200 pounds.
I did not go on binges on weekends.
I did not fool myself with “healthy processed foods”,
I never made excuses for not working out. I could have!

So I am going to give a tough love list. One that more bloggers should write about.

Losing weight is not about eating more protein or watching late night snacks.

It is about not fooling yourself. So I wrote a list of things that you night or might not know. It helped me!


1. Your scale works!– In this tough economy, the scale is really the best worker out there. The scale will tell you if you really ate a handful of M&M’s or not. The scale will tell you if your portions were in line. If the scale can not tell you, your pants will!
In one week, how much water can you retain?
If you are gaining weight and your pants do not fit, you need to adjust your program!
Also, if you weigh yourself more than once a week, it is not accurate. It is not impressive that you lost a pound naked at 5am when you have not eaten for twelve hours on Tuesday, and gain three pounds on Wednesday!

2. Restaurants did not make you overweight, you did!- Subway is notorious for being one of the healthiest restaurants. They have so many healthy options, and great portion sizes as well.

By the way, their number one seller is the Meatball Sub. It always has been and always will be.

All restaurants have a healthy option. Okay, maybe not your Mom and Pop on third street, but the majority of restaurants do.
You need to make better choices if you want to slim down. Either eat cleaner or smaller portions. Either way, do not blame Chili’s for putting Liquid Butter in their fajitas. Blame yourself for not ordering off the Guiltless menu!

3.Who are you “Cheating”?– The word cheat, in my opinion, does not apply to weight loss. Either you are eating well, or you are not. Both have their place, but who are you cheating?

4. Frozen Dinners– Just to add, I hope you know that there are no healthy chefs making those delicious Lean Cuisines. Those are just smaller versions of your “favorite” restaurant food, with salt. Nothing wrong with them, but if you take an empty container to a restaurant and fill it up, you just made a 300 calorie meal.

5. Who loses weight faster, guys or gals?– Listen, I have not read the latest edition of Prevention, but it seems like whoever is the most dedicated to eating well does the best, guy or girl. Whoever doesn’t get frustrated with a plateau or does not have “blown weekends” does the best.

6. Experts– Just because you lost 60 pounds does not make you an expert. In fact, I lost 220 pounds, and I am no expert. I know what works for me. I can give a little advice. But because you can say “Organic” does not make you a guru! Because you hit a $5000 jackpot on a slot machine does not mean you can do it all of the time!

7. Weight Watchers?– You do not have to buy the 2 point “Nut Extreme” and have a tattoo of the WW emblem to be on Weight Watchers. In fact, you can eat pencils, gravel, and printers and still be on Weight Watchers. The program helps with eating healthier and portion control, which are the only ways I know to lose weight. I really am sick of the Weight Watchers perfectionist who know every rule yet can not keep the weight off.

8. Fiber– I will never talk about it again, which is a shame. The media has destroyed it. Fiber in cottage cheese, yogurt, and now Pop Tarts. By switching to fruits and vegetables is one of the main reasons I lost weight. Now it is a big joke. Fiber in Splenda, come on!!

9. My husband/wife does not support me!– Make Him/Her support you!! It is not an option. My wife used to tell me all the time:
“You can eat these chips, they are low fat!”
“I made these potatoes, there is only a little cheese in them!”
“Why can’t you have bread”
I told her no every time. At first she did not understand, but eventually she did.

10. I love Ruby!– You do not know Ruby, nor Jon and Kate, or the Bachelorette! You know an edited version of a show!

Love yourself!

Now it is time for me to find my big boy panties and head out into the sunset!

No more sugar-coating! I gave up sugar eighteen months ago!

By the way, this is my favorite post!

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