I might look at things a little differently than most. I wrote a lot of this before, but since people ask me how and why I stay focused, I thought it would be good to show you how I think.

I will admit, I am a little extreme, but I need to be.

Maybe you will not follow my eating or workout habits, but willpower, consistency and courage will get you to your weight loss and fitness goals.

Why I am the way I am!


A guy is in a committed relationship. On Thanksgiving, he goes out of town and cheats on his wife. He loves his wife, but Thanksgiving is a holiday. Who cares if he cheats?

That is why I eat the same way 365 days a year. I made a commitment to my family and myself, for life! There are no special occasions for my health. If I “cheat” I am letting my family down along with myself.


A guy really wants a Mercedes Benz! He can only afford a Chevrolet. Instead of saving money, he gets Mercedes Benz decals and puts them all over his Chevrolet. He tells everyone he has a Mercedes.

This is what I think about low fat foods. I had to change the way I look at food. I have portion issues, which are better, but will never be cured. There is a difference between eating a head of cauliflower and a gallon of “low-fat” ice cream. If you have this issue, do not try to fool yourself.


A gambler quits gambling. All of the sudden, he gets a hot tip on the Super Bowl. He bets his house on it and loses.

I do think that one mistake might ruin me. I hear about people having 8000 calorie nights with ice cream, cake and pizza. I also see how hard it is for them to get back on track. I can not do that. Not now, not ever. I have had those days before and I know how hard it is to get back on track.


A motivational speaker goes to jail for embezzling money.

I need to “walk the walk”. It makes no sense to me how people try to motivate when they can not do it for themselves. I need to be credible. I can talk about working out because I do it consistently. I do talk about cauliflower because I eat it A LOT!


I will not be one who lost a lot of weight to gain it back.

I can’t!


A guy runs a marathon backwards

I know what works for me. I know that drinking H20 means nothing if I eat like crap. I know that running a mile means nothing if I eat 10,000 calories. I have to stay on point. If not, I will be fooling myself like I have for thirty years.


A kid does not get the bicycle he asked Santa Claus for even though he was good.

I can not pray for this to happen. I need to do this every single day. I am not single anymore. I have a family. I have too many people who want me to succeed.

I will not fail!


A 420 pound chef cries when he is told that he is too overweight to adopt a child
A 420 pound chef cries when his wife can not hug him all the way
A 420 pound chef is upset when he does not get a promotion.
A 420 pound chef can not go on a plane to visit his family

I will not cry or get upset for what I can not do. Because I “can do”!

I am in this snowball fight for life!!!

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