I never signed up for a C-2-3.76k

I never signed up for the “68 push-up challenge”

I also never settled to lose 100 pounds

Those are the whole reasons I lost 200 pounds.

When I lost my first 100 pounds, everyone was so excited! My Weight Watchers gave me a certificate, and my wife kept on gushing.

She was thrilled.

Losing 100 pounds did not matter to me at all.

It was not my goal.

At 320 pounds, I felt great. I was able to shop at “normal” clothing stores, although at the largest sizes. I was not out of breath, and I could put my seat belt on in the car.

Honestly though, I was scared.

Scared because losing 100 pounds was incredibly easy for me. I lowered my calorie intake and worked out.

Each week I would lose 6-12 pounds like nothing. I lost 100 pounds in some sort of crazy amount of time, about 13 weeks.

Losing 200 pounds changed my life!

I have talked about the foods I eat, but losing 200 pounds takes much more than that.

It takes being humble and love for yourself.

I realized I would never be stronger than food! I would never be able to “just” eat one cupcake, or have “a” cheat day, or “for one day” eat what I wanted to on vacation.

I was different.

I wanted to think I was stronger than the processed food I ate. I could beat it!

I saw so many others just eat one piece of pizza. My wife could have one sandwich.

Why couldn’t I?


Because I am different.

I changed the way I looked at food. This is a 365 day journey. I can not slip up…..no, I do not want to slip up.

I have always had self confidence, but more than ever, I truly love myself.

I love the fact that I am able to deal with my food issues and work through them. I am proud that I can have “unhealthy” foods in the house and stay away from them. I am proud that I can find time to work out, and realize that is not an option.

It does not make me better than you, or stronger than you. I just realize I will not be around long if I think I can control it!

A couple of days ago I finally did something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Although my wife has never been upset with me for being over 400 pounds, and my family always loved me for me, I have always been upset with myself.

I finally forgave myself.

I forgave myself for getting over 400 pounds!

I forgave myself for being selfish. I know that I will never be able to enjoy one burger, or eat birthday cake. It is a sacrifice I am willing to take.

I will never forget the past. I have been overweight my whole life. I will always be that 420 pound guy in a 200 pound shell.

So after sixteen months of my new lifestyle I forgave myself for the past.

Now I can look to the future!

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