I was asked if I learned anything while on this “life change”. Well, I did learn a lot!

Here is one of the things I learned.

This is a picture of me when I first met my beautiful wife.

I just came off a diet where I lost 80 pounds. In this picture I am around 230.
I remember the shirt because it was an XL. I also remember the pants I wore were size 38.

As you know I gained all of the weight back and then some, until I was over 400 pounds!

When I was over 400 pounds, I used to look at this picture and get miserable!

I could never understand why I gained all of the weight back. It was so easy for me to lose it.

I used to hate myself for it!
People look at their old pictures and get sad. They think that they can never be “that great” or look “that young”.

I was no different.

Today at 33, I realized that there is no better time than now. It sounds silly, but I learned not to live in the past. What you might have thought was “your best” really was not.

At 25 I lost weight by eating 1000 calories a day
At 25, I was using Stacker 2’s. Not the Stacker 2’s you can get at GNC now, but the “Real Deal Holyfield” ones with Ephedrine.
At 25 I did not work out. I should have, but really had no desire to.

At 33, I learned how to eat where it works for me
At 33 I have a great workout ethic
At 33 I have a wonderful wife and child

I learned never to live in the past! I am better today than I was yesterday!

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