Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I’m married to Tony, “The Anti-Jared”. Sometimes I feel like that’s how I should introduce myself in social settings; that people know me, or think they know me for my husband’s accomplishments. And those of you who follow Tony regularly know all about those accomplishments… What you don’t know are the things that I get asked all the time:

Does Tony really eat like that all the time? Was he really 420 pounds? Do you eat the way Tony does? Do you really have things like chocolate and diet soda in the house all of the time? Did he really cook bacon and potatoes and pancakes for you while you were pregnant? Does he ever cheat? What is life like in our kitchen?

Well, here is my attempt to answer some of those questions and more, dispel any rumors, and yes, let you meet “The Anti-Jared’s” wife…

When Tony and I met and started dating nearly nine years ago, we spent the majority of our evenings and dates trying different restaurants all over Charlotte. We tried new ones as they opened, visited favorites where the servers knew us and what we ordered; we never ate at home even though Tony is a great cook, and yes, I can cook too. Well, once we did (for New Year’s Eve – but that’s another story). We LOVED eating out. You could say we were passionate about it. Not only did I eat out nearly every evening with Tony, I also ate breakfast and lunch out every day because of my job at the time. Let’s just say the 15 lbs that I didn’t gain as a freshman in college, landed on my hips and then some! So yes, eventually Tony did weigh 420 lbs, and I managed to be buying size 18 pants. Now, I’ve never been a tiny girl – I’ve always had curves, and I’ve always embraced them. I don’t ever remember being smaller than a size 8 or 10.

About a year before Tony decided that enough was enough and he was going to change his life, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (essentially, low blood sugar). I had to completely change everything about the way I ate; no more white flour or white sugar, I had to read labels. It was a huge shock to my system, but I went from feeling horrible to feeling like myself again. Was it hard, yes. Did I cheat – absolutely. Now, did I change again a year later when Tony changed his diet. Nope. I still ate processed food, bread, rice, pasta; all the things I loved. Tony gave all that up. He amazed me and continues to amaze me. Yes, we have all of those things in our house at all times – because that’s what I like. Just because Tony and I are married, we haven’t needed to be married to each other’s eating habits and diets. Does Tony ever touch those things – never. I have never, ever seen him touch any of those things since he changed the way he eats. Never. So no, he never cheats. And he’s never tempted… heck, we had a ton of leftover, buttercream cake in the house for 2 weeks after my baby shower that I ate entirely on my own (kindly my hypoglycemia took a temporary hiatus while I was pregnant).

Does Tony ever judge me for what I eat – no. Does he cook for me – all the time.

Now post-baby, I’ve started using a little bit of what I’ve gleaned from Tony over the last year and a half… I want to lose the rest of my baby weight, in a healthy way. Will I ever eat the way my husband does? Absolutely not because that won’t work for me. Have I modified how I eat taking lessons from Tony? Absolutely because they work. Will I ever work out as hard as my husband? Not even if I for some crazy reason wanted to wear a bikini next month… Again, because that won’t work for me. I will get the baby weight off and then some, in my own way and own time.

Tony does what works for him and I support him with all my heart. I do what works best for me and he in turn supports me whole-heartedly. I love my husband and am amazed by him every day… So that’s a little about Tony and I. And yes, I love being “The Anti-Jared’s” wife!

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