So I have been reading about the Surgeon General nominee
Dr.Regina Benjamin.

One one side her credentials are awesome! She was the first African American woman on the AMA (American Medical Association) board of trustees. She runs a non-profit medical clinic in Alabama. People who know about her rave about her. Her knowledge will change American health.

On the other side, she is overweight ( FYI- the last Surgeon General was not in great shape!). Every time I turn on the TV I see how America is “obese” or I live in the “fattest” city, or someone trying to sell me “diet” pills. Her weight really should not have anything to do with it. But, I mean….it is the position of America’s health.

You know, the one where people around the world laugh at us because of our enormous portions at McDonald’s.

So I have a solution! Dr. Regina Benjamin will be America’s surgeon general!

Then, she needs to get Chuck Norris to be her sidekick!

Every time I am on Facebook, three things happen. I get hit with a virtual water balloon, someone gives me a virtual plant, or I get asked how long I would last in a fight with Chuck Norris!

After taking the quiz, I realized I would last 2 seconds with Chuck Norris.

I lost 200 pounds and am in pretty good shape, yet I would only last 2 seconds.

Now, we need Chuck Norris. Could you imagine?

He could break down the doors at public schools and pin the principal up against the wall. While the principal is shaking, Chuck would say:

” You need to bring back GOD-DAMN PE!!!!!!”

Or he can break down the doors at Burger King’s headquarters, pin the CEO up against the wall and say:

“Angry Whopper!!!! Get that GOD-DAMN burger off the menu, or I will show you ANGRY!!”

He could fight the ninjas that make Pepsi, or infiltrate the secret recipe for Twinkies.

Chuck Norris could go to FOX and tell them to stop making reality shows that “focus” on overweight people. he could go in, karate chop the producer, and then say:

“I got “More to Love” right here. Now get the GOD-DAMN show off the air and show reruns of “Walker, Texas Ranger”!

By the way, for some reason, I always think Chuck Norris says God Damn!

I think Dr. Regina Benjamin’s weight really does not matter. The surgeon general does so much with disease control and overall health of America.

Now… if Jillian Michaels was 40 pounds overweight you would love her, right? If I weighed 350 pounds, you would still love the fact that I eat cauliflower, right?


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