With all the discussion about BlogHer no one has mentioned anything about BlogHim.

I am so excited about going to BlogHim!

BlogHim is going to be in August of 2011 for two luxurious days in Vegas. Not really sure where in Vegas, but I am thinking right in the middle of a casino.

It will be two days of guy male weight loss bloggers.

Yeah….all 16 of us!

We will have fantastic seminars such as:

Who is your favorite 80’s wrestler (Dusty Rhodes!)
Husbands on CBS sit-coms and their hot wives: fact or fiction!
Black socks with sandals, at what age?
Is there really a 100 calorie snack?
If you do not get a comment on a post, did you really write it?
Blackberry or iPhone?
How many times can TheAntiJared write about the same subject?
Best NFL football team to not go to the SuperBowl (1986 Cleveland Browns).
How many months do you wait to kick a blog off your blogroll if they do not update. Do you think they will come back?
Crystal Light? Is it the Zima of diet drinks.
How much fiber is in cardboard.
Worst video game system that you wasted a lot of money on (Can you say Sega Saturn!)
Do guys lose weight or get fit? Discuss.
Who would you rather be, Check Norris or Bruce Lee?
Who would you rather be, Sly Stallone or Ahhhhhrnold?
Who would you rather be, Garfield or Snoopy?

This is going to be two days of fantastic awesome blog heaven!

Actually, I just want to go to Vegas!

Who’s in?

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