The point of this post is to detail my immaturity as a blogger earlier this year. It is not to rehash anything from the past.
This was inspired by the “anonymous” comments I have seen on people’s blogs lately. When you get five comments, and one of them is nasty, it stinks!!
The person depicted in the situation below is, well, honestly a great person. He/She has a great blog, and well, probably lost more weight than you have.
Now, enjoy the post!

Believe it or not, I have written over 200 posts now!
People have asked me which post is my favorite. There is no question about it!

This one right here!!!!

I was reminded of it when I got home yesterday and saw a crappy “anonymous” post on my friend’s blog (Carlos). Here is someone who is sharing his life with people and writing something fun every day. Then someone, who is hiding behind a rock, writes a nasty comment!


Well, I never talked about how my favorite post came about. If you have not read it, you should at least read the comments. Most blasted me, and some do not leave me comments anymore! I am not proud of why I wrote it, but I am glad I did.

Okay, that makes no sense, but neither does fiber!

So, six months ago I had a long day at work. I remember because I was switching bosses and corporate people were in town.

It was incredibly stressful!

I also answered twenty questions on my Blackberry about weight loss. I still try to answer as many questions as possible. I remember one of the questions that day was:

“I saw you are close to losing 200 pounds. Do you eat cheeseburgers? I love cheeseburgers!

My wife was pregnant, and I was running around after work to find her “the perfect meal”.

That is always fun! Especially since it does not exist!

Anyway, I finally got home! I sat by the computer and tried to relax.

I was reading some blogs when I saw a post that alluded to me. I do not remember what it said, but it was something like:

” I am irritated by people who say they are “inspirations”.

My name was not on there at all, which made me mad. I also knew exactly who this blogger was talking about.

I showed my wife and she giggled, which made me even madder!

I told her I was going to write a negative post, to defend myself. She told me not to!

“Just let it go, who cares! You lost the weight. People will be jealous, let them be. You do not know what is going on in this blogger’s mind!”

Well, that is my problem. Stupid stuff bothers me! I usually listen to my wife, I did not do so this time!

So I wrote the this piece. It was different than anything else I had written in the past. It was mean spirited, and very “to the point”. I was mad!

I was mad that I have helped this blogger in the past.
I was mad that this blogger was someone who called me an “inspiration” (which if you know me I am not fond of that term.)
I got mad when I read the first comment on her post that said:

“I think I know who you are talking about and he annoys me as well.”

That was it. I wrote a post that blasted the blogger and defended me.

It was a stupid thing to do. Why, it only made me look bad.

There will always be people who are jealous of you, no matter what. Maybe you lost 200 pounds, or have 100 comments on a post, or drive a nice car etc.

Sometimes ignoring things is the best.

I showed a vulnerable side. I showed a side that, honestly, no one knew I had.

Anyway, I am getting off subject. Here is the reason why I wrote the post in the first place:

This blogger never put my name in the post.

Six months later, I have no animosity against the blogger or any blogger. I support all blogs on the side even though I might not love them all personally!

I was the “anonymous guy” the blogger alluded to. It was obvious.

I do not mind being insulted, just have the courage to do so.

That is why I so hate the nasty anonymous comments people leave. Weak!

Have a touch of courage!

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