I woke up at 4am to feed the baby

At 5am I started doing things around the house. I took out the trash and did some dishes

At 6am, the dog started barking, so I took care of her

At 7am, I realized I needed to get to work. I already did things around the house for three hours!I did not work out like I wanted to. I was going to go after work

At 8am I arrived at work. We were busy at the restaurant yesterday so there was a lot of work to do!

At 10am was my first conference call of the day.

At 11am I started cooking a little, to get ready for the evening.

At 1pm I got two emails on my iPhone about weight loss. I answered them the best I could on the phone.

At 2pm I had my second conference call of the day.

At 4pm we were ready for our dinner shift.

At 6pm I realized we were a little busier than expected.

At 8pm I was supposed to leave work, but yet we were busier than expected.

At 9pm I left work. My wife needed some things at the store, so I decided to go.

At 10pm I was contemplating going to the gym. I just left the grocery story, and it was getting late

At 11:30pm I just finished burning 1300 calories

At 12am I got home and fed the baby. I also did a few more dishes and a load of laundry

At 1am I realized I have not blogged in a couple of days, so I thought I would do so

At 2am I went to bed.

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