So as you might are might not know, I had a StairMaster challenge.

On my blog I had 49 comments. Which is not bad!
Every comment went like this :
“I LOVE Jen’s blog!!!!! She is awesome. I am going to vote for both of you!!!”

On Jen’s blog, she had 148 comments. Okay, so I commented 12 times, but still 148 comments!
Here is how most of her comments went:
“Kill Tony, you can do it!! Make him sweat!!!”

Well, at the end of the day, Jen will go on the StairMaster for 42:30 minutes

And I will go on for 67 minutes.

Well, how about this! I already went on the StairMaster today for 99 minutes.

The first 60 minutes was easy.
Between 60-90 minutes I was getting very tired
Between 90-95 minutes I saw Michael Jackson
Between 95-99 minutes I saw Andrew Jackson

Here is a pic at 95 minutes, and a pic at 97 minutes. The machine reset after 97 minutes, which I was upset about because i thought it reset after 99!

You can see the floors and calories burned. 7 miles of Stair Heaven!!

I also added a pic of me after. Yes, I sweated a lot through the sweatshirt!

After the workout, I rushed home. Remember, I am still taking care of my family after surgery. When i got home, I changed a diaper and made my wife some food

What, you thought she ate cauliflower!

I got rocked in comments, so I do not think I won the challenge. In fact, i do not think there are any losers, only winners!!!

Here is what I learned!

January 2008, I could not put on socks by myself.
I could not go up three flights of stairs.
I got written up twice at work for sitting down a lot.
I would let my dog poop and pee on the floor because I was too tired to let her out.
I could not take care of my family.

It is real nice to be known as someone in shape now! It is also nice to be considered a challenge.

Thank you JEN!!!!

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