The other day I was interviewed. This is how some of it went:

“So, do you have any low fat recipes to share?”

“Um, not really. I either grill fish or eat food raw.”

“What holidays do you splurge? Christmas? Thanksgiving?”

“Um, I don’t. I enjoy spending time with my family.”

“What is your favorite “cheat” food”

“I do not have one.”

I realized that I am different.

I wish sometimes I had those great answers.You know, the ones that everyone wants to hear.

Although I am a chef, and I know how to cook, I do not make spectacular recipes for myself.
And although I work a lot, and I have gone to the hospital twice this year for family, I have stayed on point. I work around delicious foods, including a 7 layer chocolate cake, yet it does not tempt me anymore. It can’t! I do not stray from my eating. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and FF Dairy are the way for me.


Because I had 200 pounds to lose. Something most people should not ever have to deal with!

It is so hard for people to imagine. 200 pounds to lose? That is crazy!

When I weighed 300 pounds, it did not bother me.

Sure, I was slower, but I was still able to function like a normal person.

When I was 350 pounds, it did not bother me.

Okay, maybe I could only get pants at the Casual Male XL, but I was still able to walk around.

The seat belt was tight, but it fit!

420 pounds is where my life changed.

This is where everything around me was different. I could not sit in any type of chair, and I sweat for no reason.

I never went upstairs in my house, and I would not take a shower often because it was a lot of work.

I look back at it and I look at my life now. I look at myself in the mirror and I do not recognize myself.

I know it is me, yet it looks nothing like me. I see a confident mid 30’s guy who is about to have a baby.

Sixteen months ago I saw a mid 30’s guy who was about to have a heart attack.

I made this quick video just to say I wish I was like some people who fall off the wagon, then on, then off again. I wish I could lose six pounds one week, and gain three the next, and get back on plan.

The truth is I can’t. I have to be consistent on this journey. I look at food now and realize it is fuel to me. I love life, not food.

I look at myself and see that I should not look like this. A 420 pound guy should not look like a 200 pound “in shape” guy after sixteen months. A guy who never played a sport in his life should not look like an athlete. I would be a liar if I told you it came from inconsistent behavior. Nope, hard work pays off!

I wish I had great answers like I do eat a hot dog, and I enjoy a sundae once in a while. I wish I only worked out for 10 minutes a day, three times a week. I wish I could tell you those things.

Actually, I take that all back! I do not wish for any of that! I am thankful for how far I have come. I might not be the poster boy for Weight Watchers with my answers, but I know I will not be 420 pounds ever again!

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