At the beginning of my journey, every weigh in at Weight Watchers was a weight-loss bloggers dream.

“Down 10.6 pounds!”
“Down 9.3 pounds!”
“Down 9.1 pounds!”

Every time I would weigh in, the leader would say the same thing to me:

“That is great, but remember, you really should focus on losing 1 to 2 pounds a week.”

The first time she said this, I ate more the following week so I would not lose so much. I have lost weight before, and I knew it would come off quick.

Truthfully, when you go from consuming 10,000 calories a day to 2500 calories a day, the pounds will flow off no matter what.

It was the fifth time that she told me this advice that I asked her this question:

“How much weight did you lose to become a leader?”

This was really none of my business, but I had to know. I mean, she probably lost like 100 pounds, and knew how hard it was to be obese.

“I lost twelve pounds, I was 155 at my heaviest.”

When I went home that day, I told my wife this. I would be lying to you if I said I was not upset about this at the time.

Here I am, busting my hump to lose weight, and someone who lost twelve pounds is telling me what I am doing wrong. What does she know!!!

The reason I love my wife is because she gives me a different perspective on things. She listened to my rant, and then said:

“Twelve pounds is just as much as 200 pounds to some. Who are you to judge!”

I have been losing weight for over twenty years.

Throughout high school, I thought I was overweight.
During college, I was chubby.
After college, I was obese.

Lean Cuisines, Diet Cokes, Weight Watcher’s Shakes, Snackwells, and “Low-Fat” anything was my main diet from 1989-2008. I have always known that grilled is healthier than fried, and eating late is not great, etc. Protein is better than carbs, and fat is………scary!

Yet with all this information, I still gained tons of weight.

This information is second nature to me. There are some people who have not dealt with this their whole lives….

There are people that are so new to being overweight.
The ones that were football stars and cheerleaders in school.
The ones that could eat whatever they wanted, and still stayed skinny.
The ones that looked at the old me and said “I will NEVER look that that!”

Now the same ones might be overweight now, and have no idea how to lose the weight. They are scared, and look for any type of advice.

Confused that they do not look like their former selves.

What I learned is that every journey is special. Whether it is twelve pounds or 200 pounds, losing weight is difficult. Even though I knew every answer, I did not apply it until last year (Truly applied it).

I also realized the other day that when people go on forums, boards, or blogs and ask what people would consider “a stupid question” or “ridiculous advice”, it is just people trying to help. Sometimes I wonder why people ask the same question over and over, but it is because they do not know. They want to change.

As irritated as I was with the leader at the time, she was trying to help, and I have a ton of respect for her.

Just like I respect any blogger who has the courage to put their lives out here!

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