I am not the smartest person in the world. That I will honestly admit.

I am also very stubborn and opinionated.

That is probably the biggest reason why I have been successful in this weight loss journey.

I am a results person. At work, at home, and on myself. It means nothing if I write or say something. It means everything if I do it!

I am not a fan of someone talking about IT! More about someone being about IT!

That is the whole purpose of my challenge, the Missouri 60.

I knew I could achieve the impossible, but did not know how. I would write down a goal, and would start it tomorrow.

Tomorrow never came.

So recently I have realized that today is a better day. I can do a lot of things today.

And with 60 today’s, I can change my life!

I love doing this blog, but it would have no credibility if I did not have the pictures of my journey.

I see blogs with pictures of blogger’s faces, foot, or leg. Yet, they do not show their transformation. They do not show where they started from, and where they are now.

With all that being said, the Missouri 60 is the easiest yet hardest challenge to do. Here is how you start.

1. You must take a picture! Getting on the scale or blogging about how you can do it means nothing. You need to stare at yourself and see where you are now.

Once you look at your picture, look deeper. Are you the person that makes excuses:

“I do not have time to work out!”
“My boss is out to get me!”
“My wife doesn’t support me”

Once you are looking at your picture, think about how you want to change. Maybe you want to get a promotion, have a better marriage, lose weight, save money, etc.

2.Write down all of your goals, but keep them to yourself. Remember, this is about results.

3. Now, you have 60 days to change your life. This is a commitment you are making to yourself. For 60 days you will not make any excuses. No holidays, outings, fights, or economy will stop you from your goals.

4. Once you hit a goal on your list, share it with people. Maybe it was to lose 5 pounds, or go on a romantic dinner with spouse, or have the courage to pass on a piece of your Dad’s cake. Remember, this is about “Showing” not about “Telling”! Put on those new pants and tell people you can wear them now, or show friends a business card with your new title on it.

5. After 60 days, take another picture. Compare the pictures. I guarantee you will see a difference. Maybe not in weight, but in yourself.

I have had 60 people say they liked this challenge and were interested. I think more will come. With the economy the way it is, people can not afford to go and get “Free KFC” or “Value Meals”. People need to get healthy and feel good about themselves.
I am going to write a list of people who have entered, and if people take it seriously, I will come up with cool prizes. I already sent out a few promotion letters to some companies. We will see.

Basically, who can transform their life the most in 60 days?

In the meantime, take a picture, and ask yourself one question:

“Isn’t it time to Show Me!!”

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