So I have been answering a lot of emails lately about my weight loss and advice.

Funny thing is that I am getting better with advice. Even a little more confident!

Well, someone wrote to me and was really upset that she gained 4 pounds in a week. She wanted to quit Weight Watchers because it was not working for her.

I hate when people quit! Those are the people I want to help the most!

I remember writing this back to her:

“Imagine you are a boxer and you get knocked down in the first round. You have ten seconds to get up. One side of the arena is rooting for you to get up. The other side wants you to stay down. Who do you listen to? It really does not matter! Why? Because you are the one in the ring. You are the one that will decide how the rest of the fight goes. So you gained four pounds. You are not knocked out, not by a long shot!”

I read that and thought about what I wrote. Maybe I should listen to myself!

I really should practice what I preach.

I have spent a lot of blog time upset that Weight Watchers will not give me the time of day. They have a 2009 contest that I have no chance of winning.

You know, losing weight quickly.

The truth is I believe in Weight Watchers.

It changed my thought process on food.
It changed how I look at things.
It changed my life!

I get so caught up that WW does not read my success story or that they do not consider me a writer that I do not see the most important thing!

I can help people! Just like I have done all along!

I love Weight Watchers. For someone who does not know how to lose weight or control portions, it is the best “Ten Bucks A Week” you will spend.

Not only will you get information and tracking tools, but there are so many great people who are members. People who are going through the same weight loss struggles.

Since I will not be on Weight Watchers website, I decided to thank them on!

My whole goal is to inspire people to lose weight. If I lost over 200 pounds, then why couldn’t you lose 20 or 30 pounds?

I made a little video in one try. It has stumbles and errors, but I want to thank Weight Watchers for what they have done for me. I have nothing bad to say about them, in fact, I would love more people to join!

If you like the video, pass it to someone who may not believe they can lose weight. I would love for as many people to see it as possible so they know that losing weight is possible!

Maybe they think they have no hope!

The truth is, many of us get knocked down in the first round!

Will you get up?

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