I have been swamped!!!!

Work has been crazy! I just got done with a sixteen hour day!

I will have another one of those tomorrow!

I am going to have some big news later this week as well.

Since I am short on time, I will just ramble a little bit!

1. I am so excited that people liked the Missouri 60 idea. I have seen some awesome pictures on blogs. Not only that, I like how so many people just want to better themselves in two months, without a prize.

Either way, I am emailing like crazy different companies. Come on, I am ready to review your product for contest prizes.

I will have more details within the week.

2. I saw the anonymous post I had.

I miss those.

I have not had a juicy one in a long time.

He/she is right. I never respond to any thread I put up on the WW or any board.I do not have time, I post and run!

I put up a fun comment on a board so people can go to my blog to get motivated.

With that being said, I also give out my email, and I never reject a Facebook friend. When I get emailed a question I always respond right away. I do love to help.

That is why I have an iPhone!

Here is what I did not understand about the comment. He/She got mad and said I never respond, then told me I was losing weight wrong.

If I am losing weight wrong, then how can I help others?

Do not worry, I help as many people as I can.

3. I did not comment on Tony’s blog, but I am very proud of him!! It takes a lot of courage to admit what he did. I am all about courage. Tony is a great guy who writes from the heart. I look forward to reading his blog. A proud 100 pound loser!

Still, it does take a lot of courage to admit that you play competitive DDR. Thank you for coming out with that info!!!

4. Scales do not lie! Why do we keep on thinking they do. Salt, really!!

5. Dance Your Ass Off? Come on!

6. I loved talking about fiber before. Now, it is like everything has fiber in it, including yogurt. I feel dirty talking about it now.

7. Here is another great Tony. 200 pounds lost!!!!!!

8. Okay, I love Twitter! I did not want to , and my wife does not understand it, but I love it. You WILL know when I am eating an egg! Plus, I might have a few jokes for you. I will make the most of 140 characters!

That is all for now. Till the big news!

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