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My name is Tony Posnanski. I have recently seen that people love challenges! Well, I do not have a problem with that. I have never done a challenge because they seem very confusing, but I am interested in doing one.

I am very new to being successful to weight loss, so I do apologize for my lack of confidence.

I have put my story out on the web to inspire others. I love to hear that people are getting healthy, losing weight, whatever the case may be.

In fact, even if people are not losing weight but feeling more confident makes me feel great!

I have come up with a challenge that I would like for people to join. It is not complicated, in fact, it is very simple. In fact, if no one joins, it is something I will do. Here it goes!

The Missouri 60

See, I am not cocky. I am not going to put my name in a contest or put links to my blog.

Nah, this contest is going to be for anyone that wants to better themselves.

First, why the name?

My boss came to me a couple of months back and told me he was not about excuses. He was all about results. He kept on telling me:

“See, I am from Missouri. Get it! Missouri! Show me what you can do, do not tell me about it!”

I figured out that Missouri is the “Show Me” state. He was not from Missouri, he just wanted results.

He is right. So many people want to say what they are going to do, very few put words into action.

I hate reading motivational quotes from people who have no motivation.

It is so empty and meaningless.

Don’t quote Tony Robbins if you can not say no to a Big Mac.

I also took another picture of myself today:I have definitely gained a little muscle over the last couple of months. I have worked really hard at it. I have eaten right, worked out a good amount, and focused on being the best I can be.

This is the best I have ever looked. But…..

I can be so much better!

So here is the contest, the Missouri 60

1. Take a picture of yourself between now and June 30th
2. Take a picture of yourself 60 days after
3. Show yourself how great you can be!

Maybe this sounds silly, but who can change the most in 60 days? We all have different plans and goals. We all want to be the best.

I think I will improve the most in 60 days. With a baby on the way, and work being stressful, I will not make any excuses. I will make time for myself! I will be much better than the person I am above!

I do not think many people will do this, but if people have the courage to take this challenge, I will get prizes.

Just so you know, I would love people to do this for themselves!

I will pimp myself out to companies and review their stuff just so you can win cool prizes.

Something I am not a fan of, but, what is a contest without cool prizes anyway?

I will get a panel of people to judge who has the best change in 60 days. If you sign up, I will do the rest!

Either way, Israel called me out. I hope you take this challenge. I think you will beat me, as long as you do not drive by any Arby’s.

By the way, my best picture is my starting point. I have a uphill battle, just like I like it!

Let me know what you think about this in comments. If you are interested, let me know!

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