” Okay, so I wipe and clean him every two to three hours, or if I hear him cry, and then I feed him 30 ml of food every three hours. I clean his umbilical cord with a alcohol wipe every time I change him, and I hold his head secure!”

” Wow, you are asking a lot of questions. You are going to make a great daddy.”

“Well, I made a promise…..”

I have gone through a lot in 2009.

Putting my weight loss aside, this year I have seen my dad and wife in the hospital, I have had to take time off of work (In 10 years I have never taken a full week off!) and have dealt with a rough economy that scares me every day.

This week scared me the most!

My wife was going to get induced on Wednesday. She was supposed to go in Wednesday morning and have the baby by Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

My wife has had some issues with her back. The baby was on a nerve so it was hard for her to walk. I took two weeks off of work to help her around the house.

I worked hard, and she worked harder to get better. If you know anything about back pain, you know it is close to the worst pain ever.

So we went in on Wednesday and my wife got induced.

Maybe it is just my stupidity, but what I knew about labor is what I watched on TV. You know, the sweaty woman in stirrups, the husband/baby daddy coaching her to breath, and then a baby comes out.

Remember, I said stupidity!

My wife was having hard contractions until Thursday afternoon. For 36 hours, she was in pain.

Epidural and all, she was in pain.

For five hours she pushed. The baby was not moving. She was saying she had incredible pain in her pelvis. We realized the baby was stuck in her pelvis.

The doctor rushed in at 8:30pm to tell us that a C-Section is the best option.

Again, I am a guy. I am thinking it is just a little cut and the baby pops out.

When the doctor talks to you about the surgery for 30 minutes, you realize it is serious.

They rushed my wife to the operating room to have the surgery. They told me to wait outside and put on some scrubs.

Fifteen minutes later they got me and brought me to the O.R.

When I walked in, I saw a team of doctors around my wife. I sat right next to my wife.
I started to cry.

I do not cry often at all. I cried when I found out my father had cancer, and I cried at my wedding.
I was scared. Scared I was going to lose everyone. Scared for my family.

I cried on Thursday as well.

While sitting next to my wife, I heard the doctors talking:

“Move this part now, the baby is there.” “He is stuck, I need you over there!”

My wife, who was being operated on only said one thing to me. She looked back at my face and said:

“It is okay to cry.”

I am not a religious guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I talked to God at that moment. I told him that I would be the best father husband if my wife and baby were safe. I would sacrifice anything and do whatever I needed to for them.

Right after my talk, I heard a loud cry. It was a wonderful cry, one from a gorgeous little boy.

I went to meet him for the first time, and I still could not stop crying. He looked great! He was healthy and beautiful!

We all went to recovery where my wife looked relieved. I was relieved she made it through!

The nurse looked at us and said:

“Did you hear, Michael Jackson died.”

I was sorry to hear that, but it was the last thing on my mind. My son had just been born.
Not like it is on TV every 12 seconds!

So now I have a beautiful baby boy. My wife is recovering and doing better every day. I am taking a little time off of work to take care of my wife and family, something I might not have done a few years ago.

Not only that, but my Dad is doing well also.

Yeah, 2009 is a great year!

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