Sometimes I wish I could be like Tony Horton. Point my finger at you and tell you that you can do it. Smile and happily yell “Feel the Burn.”

Alas, I am no Tony Horton.


Because I am crazy.

So this week has been weird. My wife is feeling better, which is great! I took off a little time from work to take care of her, and I am so happy that she feels better.

Also this week I have gotten numerous emails about being “girly“. You know, talking about the love for my wife, how I work out to pop music, how I voted for Clay Aiken twenty times, and how I love my puppy. They were not mean spirited emails, just little pop shots from peeps.

Usually this would not bother me. For some reason this week it did.

It is true, I danced to Kelly Clarkson at my wedding, and I love my little puppy. I do love my wife with all of my heart, and Lady Gaga blasts through my iPhone at the gym.

Here is why I was bothered:

I did not embrace the “girly” lifestyle 300%!

So today was “Fabulous Friday”.


I woke up and decided to watch The View.

Those girls make me laugh. They are very insightful!

Then I was going to have my wife braid my hair, but I realized that I did not have any hair.

Oh well, I tried.

I looked at my clothes and realized it was time for a new outfit.


First off I was excited that I would not have to shop at Lane Bryant. I mean, I could finally get some clothes at the mall!

That’s Huge! Literally!!!

So I first went to Dillard’s and found this darling top! Purple is so definitely my color. I was shocked that I was able to fit into a medium.

Wow, good thing I did not turn all super girly last year.

Now as much as I wanted to get a new skirt, I realized that Capri’s were the way to go.

I went to Macy’s and picked up these. Yellow matches my bald head. They were a medium as well.

No Spanx for me Sister!!!

Oh yeah, you go girrrrl!

Now nothing says girly outfit like a fun pair of shoes. I decided to get these.

I am not a fan of the open toe, but red shows my frisky side.

After getting my new Friday outfit I put it on and whisked over to the gym.

At the gym I got a few stares. I just think people were jealous over my shoes.

I did legs today, and it was tough squating 350 pounds with heels, but I was able to do it.

Cardio was tough as well, but I made it through an hour on the StairMaster.

How you ladies do it I have no idea!

Then it was Lifetime movie time!!!It was the one with Deidre Hall and Meredith Baxter-Birney.

Okay, so maybe they all have those ladies in them.

It was the one about someone dying from a horrible disease.

I was sad! I ate a half a container of Fat Free Cottage Cheese during the flick!

Now I feel great that you all can officially call me girly! Now you can make fun of my sensitive ways!

By the way, did you notice that I worked out and ate well, just like I have for the last sixteen months. Just like I will for the rest of my life.

I’m just saying……..

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