I used to make apple pie.

I remember I would cut fresh apples, and then caramelize them with some brown sugar, honey, and cinnamon. Then I would roll out some dough and use that as the pie crust. I would top it
with powdered sugar and bake it to perfection.

I think about that apple pie every time someone gives me a suggestion on a fruit or a vegetable.

As you know, I have changed the way I eat, so I really eat fruits, vegetables, meats, and some dairy.

Eating like that really gives me options and I get to taste food that I have never been able to before.

But I will tell someone now that I want an apple. They always give me this type of answer:

“I love apples also! Have you ever tried it with Fat Free Cool Whip, a dash of cinnamon, a touch of maple syrup and three packets of Splenda. It tastes like an apple pie!!!

This is where I have to be different now. I do not want something that tastes like something else. I do not want to fool myself anymore. If I wanted an apple pie I would make one.

A really good one! I do not want to dress up food anymore.

Which brings me to my next tip. One that helped me lose the weight:

Tony Tip #2- Learn to love fruits and vegetables.

I am not saying all of the time, or love all of them, but there should be a couple that you can eat in the raw. For me, I love the feel of holding an apple, or the accomplishment of peeling a mango. I like the taste of a fresh mushroom, or the crunch of a cucumber.

Weight loss is not only about losing weight nor getting healthy. It is about getting to know yourself, and learn just how strong of a person you are.

For me, I learned I am strong enough to pass on an apple pie.

Just an apple for me!

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