Two years ago my wife and I got in one of our biggest fights.

We were wanting to have a child.
At 420 pounds, I needed to lose weight. There was no way in the world I could have a child nor take care of one!.

I remember my wife begging me to lose weight, and I wanted nothing to do with it.
It did not matter to me at the time.
I would still go out and get food at Taco Bell
I would get Chinese takeout
I would eat deep fried steaks at work

My wife saw how much I ate. It devastated her. She knew that it would not be to long before she was a widow.

At 420 pounds, I did not care what anyone thought. I never had a bad self image. I really did not care if I was considered handsome or attractive.
I just wanted to eat.
I was just selfish!

That was until two doctors changed my life. One doctor told me that I would die within three months if I did not change my ways. He set me up for Gastric surgery, and recommended Weight Watchers. He heard about the amounts of food I ate, and he also saw how high my blood pressure was. At 217/135 I was a walking time bomb.

The other doctor told me that we could have a baby. It was up to me. I needed to lose the weight.

In early 2008 I decided to lose weight. It started out as a modest diet.
I lost 200 pounds quickly.
I dieted at first, then changed my life.

I talk about how I lost my weight for the love of my wife. I write about it almost every week!That is absolutely true.

At 9:40pm I also realized something else I will write about….

The reason I will keep the weight off.

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