The other day I got a message from my blogger friend Israel.

I like this guy a lot because he is not afraid to write how he feels on his blog.

Not only that, but his website is very nice.

Ahhhh, one day I would like a very nice website as well!

Anyway, he commented to me that we were in a challenge, although I did not know it.

I was confused!

He was telling me that he was going to catch up to my stats, and how I inspire him, and he was getting close.

All he had to say was the word challenge. He has no idea!

I am an incredibly competitive person. I always have been. When I do something, I go into it full force.

I also know that if I lose to someone, the other party did a damn good job, or I did not try at all.

The one thing that I regret throughout my transformation is being in a fun challenge.

I see you all doing these challenges with your blogger friends. Tracking points and rooting each other on. It sounds like fun.

I see blogger Carlos challenge blogger Bill for cigars, liquor, and other “man” goodies. I kind of wish I has someone come up to me and give me a “you got served” look. I wish I would have challenged others during the journey.

So after losing 200 pounds and transforming myself, I got my first challenge.

I love it!

I have no idea what the challenge entails, but I like the fact that someone wants to get healthy!

By the way Israel, since you wrote that message to me, I decided to start using the StairMaster, something I never thought I would do. Don’t worry, I was only able to go on it for 10 minutes….the first day. Now after four days, I can do the full hour.

Good luck my friend!

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