Lately I have been getting a lot of emails.

I love getting emails!

Some of the emails I get are great questions. Some are people trying to get me to go into some sort of weight loss business with them, and then some are from people who just want me to lose the weight for them.

I try to answer as many as I can, but some fall through the cracks.

Now that I have lost over 200 pounds, and maintained it for most of 2009 (I started the year at 211 pounds) I feel more confident with answering comments and emails. I do not want to be one of those people who just give generic answers:

“Drink your water!!”
“Protein, protein, protein!!!”
“Six small meals a day!!!”

No, I try to give real advice. Sometimes I am a little to honest, and offend as well.

Oh well, comes with the territory!

The other day I got an email that I had no idea how to answer. Two years a go I would have given a four page answer, but this time I had no clue. I had to ask my wife about it. Here was the email:

Who is going to win in the American Idol Finale??

The first time in eight years, I have not seen an episode!

When I found out that my wife was pregnant in October, I knew my life was going to change. I was 7 months in a successful lifestyle change, and my workouts were great.

I wanted to not only change the way I looked and ate, but I wanted to be a great husband and father.

I was always a good husband, but I never did things for my wife, except pick up food at Macaroni Grill of us.

I wrote down a list of priorities in my life. Here was the list:

Being there for my wife/ Health
Blogging, helping people with my story

No where on the list was reality television. Something that comforted me for so many years.

Over my wife’s pregnancy, I have been a machine. Whatever she needs, I do. No questions, no exceptions.

While doing that, I do make time to go work out. Most of the time it is early in the morning, and only after I do things for my family.

I still work over 70 hours a week. I take pride in my job, always have.

If I worked at Circle K as a toilet cleaner, I promise you that my Polaroid picture would be on the wall, and toilets would be spotless!

I also love blogging. Video and written. I love to tell my side of the story. One that I have not done for so many years! I also feel that every day my story is more credible!

So I do not know who will win American Idol. My wife says Adam?? The other guy looks like Corey Haim.

The only reality show I watch now is a local show. It is on at 4:45am every morning in front of my mirror. Never a repeat.

And I never miss an episode!

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