Okay, let me see if I can explain.

I can remember really wanting to lose weight. More than anything else!

I never asked people for advice. I was too embarrassed!

I would read success stories online. At 400 pounds, I really did not feel like walking to the local bookstore! It was easier to Google weight loss and see people who were victorious in this journey!

When I would go on weight loss websites, I would see these ads. You know which ones I am talking about.

“Lose 15 pounds in two weeks!”
“Eat Cookies To A Better You!!”
“Fill-in-the-blank”zine pills works!!!

I would look at the “click here for more information” and laugh.

“How stupid are these ads!!!!”

Yet I would click on the ads.

I would read all about the products. How people lost weight with this amazing pill that made your heart race.

“Only $19.99 for a 30 day supply!!!!”

I would look at the price and laugh.

Yet I would pull out my credit card and pay $19.99 for the product.

I would get the product, use it, and fail. This happened all of the time.

Yet I would do this again, and again, and again.

It is hard being overweight. There is no simple solution to drop pounds. There is no miracle pill or magic “cookie” that will help you lose 200 pounds and keep it off.

Yet, I always wish there was.

I would always click on these bogus products and try them because I prayed that they would work. By the way, none of them worked. None of them ever will!

This is why I will never put a “quick fix” product on my blog. I will not lie and tell people that is the way to lose weight!

The truth is, if I endorsed it, you would buy it. I could lie and tell you that I lost over 200 pounds with a pill. You would buy it, because I would if I were in your shoes. Guess what, it would not work. I would have more money in the bank.

It would be hard to sleep knowing I ripped off people who I care about!

No, I am happy talking about hope and “no excuses” and determination. That is how you will change your life. Passion is more important that a burrito diet or a pill!

That is how you will find true happiness. Not from a weight loss ad. Not from a cream that tightens skin!

One day maybe I could endorse a really good product on here, like Weight Watchers, or Gold’s Gym, or Aquafina. Products that really did help me with my weight loss journey, and might help you as well.

Not products like exercise flash cards or some pomegranate juice!

Until that time, my blog will be advertisement free! I am not selling anything, just giving you my weight loss secret. Ready?

Make sure you are up at 4:45am!

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