“Okay, I get it, you love your wife. That is so awesome. But there is more to losing 200 pounds than love. I mean, you lost 200 freakin‘ pounds! I do have to ask though, how did you do it. How did you lose all the weight, and work out. Did you have a trainer? Did you play sports? How do you stay motivated to live the life you do. I want to do it too!”


I have answered the question many times, but I do not mind doing it again. Let’s start from the beginning!

420.2 pounds:

I have numbness in my arms and can not put on a seat belt. I am wearing size 60 pants, and considering going on some sort of disability. Every day I want to lose weight, but something got in the way.

Damn McDonald’s, why are you on every corner!
Damn gym, why are you not open 24 hours!
Damn wife, why did you bring home that snack with sugar. You know I love…well, EVERYTHING!

I can not keep on blaming things. I am going to die if I do not change! Then how am I going to know who won American Idol?

371 pounds:

Not bad, lost 50 pounds. This journaling food is horrible. I mean, I can not keep on writing everything down! I do not care if there are 5 million programs to document it, I just keep on forgetting. I mean, I am losing weight, but frozen 8 point dinners my whole life?

Wait a second, Weight Watchers has this program called Core, which you do not have to write down the food, just only eat certain foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, and limited beans, whole grains, and cereal.

Note: WW does not really have this plan anymore, just a filling foods plan. I did learn the plan is very similar to The South Beach Diet though (Phase two). Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

I can try this!

347 pounds:

The diet is working well, but I am a little nervous. I have been walking at the gym but I want to gain muscle. I see too many people on TV who have lost the weight who look like a shell of their former selves. I want to look strong, for my family and me!

Should I ask the trainer?

Nah, he is dressed like a drill sergeant and looks like a goober. Why couldn’t I just get a few books and do this myself.

Who cares that I never played a sport, I can do this!

310 pounds:

I just bought a book called The F-Factor Diet by Tanya Zuckerbrot. I love the way I eat, so that will not change. I never realized how adding fiber to my diet could help me feel full and lower my cholesterol. 35 grams a day huh? I can do that.

Raspberries, I like those.
Apples, yum!
Beans, ehh, not so much.
Cauliflower, my favorite!

280 pounds:

Okay, my brother is coming to visit. I am sure he is going to notice that I have lost over 100 pounds. Time to tell my family that I have been losing weight. It was going to be a surprise, but I am confident I will lose over 200 pounds now. I have added circuit training to my workouts, which makes my muscles sore, but seems to work.

240 pounds:

I can not believe I am wearing pants that start with a 3 on the size. Weird!

210 pounds:

You know, I have lost 200 pounds.I feel real thin. My doctor told me I have about 25-30 pounds of loose skin on me, even though it does not look like I have a ton. I am going to get under 200 pounds though! I want to finish what I started. This “Onederland” seems fantastic!

198.8 pounds:

My wife is right, I am WAY thin now. It sounds weird feeling this way at 198.8 pounds, but if the doctor is right, I really would be between 160-165 pounds without the skin. Now what?

Maintenance, uhhh, the weight loss kiss of death.

How am I going to do this.

Maybe if I gained a little more muscle:

208 pounds:

Here I am today. I only know my weight because I weighed myself today at the gym. Instead of a scale, I go to Old Navy once a week and try on a pair of pants. When I started doing this three months ago, I wore a size 34, now I am in a size 32. I have lowered my cardio and started doing weight training. When I started I could squat 135 pounds three times. Now, I can do 315 eight times. I could bench press 135 six times. Now I can do 185 ten times. These huge people at the gym push me hard. Diet is, well, the way of life for me now. I feel great now. I can do this for the rest of my life. That I am confident about!


I guess a hamburger never game me results!

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