As much as I talk about my life on here, I do keep a lot to myself. As personal as this story is, I think it will answer a lot of questions.

This is also the reason why I am so focused. Why I work out, eat well, and live my wife the way I do!

On Friday, my wife was having shooting pains through her leg.

We were not sure what was going on, so we went to the hospital. We were at the hospital for a couple of days, and after a MRI, came to find out that my wife had a pinched nerve.

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, this is incredibly scary.

The scariest part is that there was not much the doctor’s could do for her pain.

“We could give you a shot if you were not pregnant.” “The baby is healthy, how are you holding up.” “Is this your first pregnancy?”

These were the questions that were asked all weekend long. Doctor after doctor came in only to tell us there was not much we could do for the pain. It was scary and frustrating!

I called my boss and told him I needed to stay home and take care of my wife.

With being in charge of a restaurant, and not have taken a vacation in six years, this was not like me.

He knew it was serious, and told me to take as much time as I needed.

For the past week, I have been there for my wife. Cooking, helping her grab things, and basically doing everything that she would do.

When you love someone, it is not hard.

I am able to help her out, and I feel good doing it. She appreciates it, but she is also very independent, so depending on someone is very hard for her.

After seeing numerous doctors and chiropractors, the pain is slowly getting better. Hopefully she will be able to walk by the end of next week.

We are confident this will happen!

Last night, while I was helping my wife do some laundry, she made this comment:

“Thank God you lost the weight. I could not imagine you doing this at 420 pounds.”

I thought about that comment all night long.

No slice of pizza or Chinese food is worth being unhealthy.


People ask me why can’t I splurge once in a while?
Why is it all or nothing?
Why do I wake up so early to work out?

A while ago, I made a comment that I was the worst weight loss blogger.

I was wrong.

I am a damn good weight loss blogger. I am going to give you a different perspective than most.

I am not going to whine about why I can not control my portions, why I need to work out after working a 80 hour work week, or why I can not have that piece of pizza.

The truth is I love my wife, and that is why I will stay healthy for the rest of my life.

That is why I do not preach about how you should live your life.

That is also why my 200 pound loss story is so different. Different than any other one you will read.

That is why I am the Anti-Jared!

I do it for the love of my wife. Period.

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