SO I was checking out some blogs the other day when I noticed something weird.

I was reading PastaQueen‘s blog when I noticed that I was on her blogroll.

Now, this is very weird for me because I have never asked to be on her blogroll, and I have only emailed her a couple of times awkwardly thanking her for inspiration.

I was honored.

It made me feel very good to be on her list of many.

You know, sometimes I forget how good it feels to be on some one’s blogroll.

I read so many blogs, yet rarely leave a little note.

I see that Tony is close to losing 100 pounds, and another Tony is close to losing 200 pounds. I see that Lyn is struggling, yet her writing has never been better! I see that Carlos has video, and Joania is on a commercial in Canada.

Yet as much as I read, I do not leave the comments that so many people have done for me.

Comments that made me feel good about my journey, that made feel great about my writing. Comments that made me want to make more videos
Comments that pushed me to lose weight each week.

With that being said, I am not sure if I will ever get better about commenting, but I do read a lot of your blogs.

I want people to know that I would love to put you on my blogroll.

If your blog is not on my blogroll, please let me know, and I would love to add you on. I would love for it to be over 100 blogs.

As always, if I have not answered a question via my blog, ask away anytime via email!

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