My favorite blog posts are about my wife.

I could talk to you all day about what I eat, and how I work out.

How I went to Weight Watchers, and how Pinto Beans are delicious.
How squats hurt so good, and Grilled KFC is a joke.

The truth is, non of that has anything to do with my weight loss. None at all!

The reason I am successful with everything I have done recently is the love of my wife.

I write and write about it, yet I never get sick of doing so. She is the reason I love life now, and I work as hard as I do.

There were times when I was selfish in life.

When I would eat without a care in the world.
Where I would spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships and never set foot in one.
Where I was at one of the largest sizes at a big and tall store, yet did not have the desire to do any better with living a healthy lifestyle.

I ruined a vacation to Disney World because I did not have the energy to walk around the parks. I have destroyed romantic dinners because I could not sit into a booth. We could not travel because I could not fit on an airplane seat.

I remember all of those instances. I will never forget.

Now I live my life different. I watch what I eat and I make sure to work out. I am not sure if I will live forever, but it is better than the suicide path I was on before.

I do this so I can grow old with my wife and family. So that we can create new memories.

Memories that will be with us for a long time.

I never lost weight to have big muscles or fit into size 32 pants. That just came with the passion.

So when people ask me for advice, what I eat, my workout regimen, etc, I do not give the answer people are looking for.

Everyone loses weight differently. No workout is the same. It would be silly of me to tell you to give up pizza and cake and wake up early. What works for me might not work for you.

The only thing I do different is that I put my wife and family first in every decision I make.

Something I have neglected to do for eight years. Something I will never do again!

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