So I was online the other day, and I saw this guy who calls himself a diet guru.

I guess he lost a good amount of weight (like 70 pounds or so), and now he is trying to sell a book online about how he did it. His diet is very gimmicky, but I will say he puts his food in a tortilla.

He is charging $30 or so for the book, which is crazy!

Here we are in an economic crisis and someone who lost weight (not maintained I might add) wants to sell his tips for $30.

Here is what got to me though. He gave away a few of his expert tips. Here they are:

“If you consume less calories, you will lose weight!”
“Cut out soda pop!”
“Do not drink so many “Crap”achinno’s (Get the play on words, he substituted frap for crap! Tee-Hee!)

WHAT!!!! Is this true? You mean if I eat less, then I will lose weight. Hold on, so you are telling me that if you put less food in your body, you will not weigh as much?

You know, we are not stupid! We all want an answer!

The truth is people will buy this jerks book. People want to do anything they can to lose weight, or get healthy, or whatever you want to call it.

And it is not fair. It is not fair that people rehash the same information, and we buy it. We spend so much money every year chasing a dream. We beat ourselves up when we fail, and we get over-confident when we succeed.

We are all a broken record.

So I am going to try something, and please let me know what you think.

Yes, I am asking for your opinion.

I have been up and down for twenty years in this weight loss game. I have been successful for a year and a half now, but I have failed for 18 1/2 years.

I sell myself short sometimes because I do not like giving out tips because you all have heard so many of them. I tried to do this before, and I sounded like a idiot!

“Drink your water! H-2-Yes!!!!”

But there are some that you might not have heard. Some that need to be repeated, and some that maybe I need to read.

Some that have made me successful recently. Maybe I want to try to help people who have been there for me!

Tell me what you think, is this helpful? Just so you know, it is free of charge! If I sell something, it will not be diet tips you have heard before!

Tony’s “helpful” tip #1- Have Courage in restaurants!

You hear it a lot. Grilled is better than sauteed, poached is better than fried, etc. You hear about getting three to-go boxes and splitting your food so you do not eat as much, and you hear about staying away from the free bread.

I love restaurants. It is my career. I have been in it for well over ten years, and every day is a new adventure.

I love to give people a great meal!

Remember though YOU are the ones that keep restaurants around. With that being said, you HAVE to have the courage to ask for what you want. You can not care what the cooks think, what the managers think, or even what your family/friends at the table think.

You have to have the courage to ask for the chicken grilled instead of fried, and you have to have the courage to box up the food, and you have to have the courage to pass on the free bread, or limit yourself to a piece.

No chef will get mad. If they do, who cares! They work for you! You do not work for them.

No server will get angry if you ask for the dressing on the side. If they do, oh well! Remember, they work for tips, you do not.

Burger King became successful because of their slogan “Have it your way!” Have the courage to ask for the food your way!

If you do not have the courage, you will eat something you did not want!

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