As much as I really did not want to like Twitter, the truth is I do.

I have tried and tried to stay away from it, but I am hooked!

It is real easy to just type 140 characters on my phone to tell people what I am doing or how I feel.I have it linked to my Facebook, so in three seconds, you know what I am doing.

Wow, I get to see when you are eating an apple. Please, tell me more Jared!!!

I also know what you are doing.

Please, put the Big Mac away!!!

Now, I am not good at posting the links or anything like that on Twitter, and I do not understand “Follow Friday” but it is neat to see what others are doing and their thought process. S

o here are some things I did and thought about today, although they were never posted:

What is the big deal with Grilled Chicken at KFC? All restaurants have a healthy option. In fact, KFC had healthy options before as well. Most people want the fried!

I love black tennis shoes. They look cool on Bo Jackson, maybe they will look cool on me.

I read a post today called “If I didn’t fail.” You know you succeeded when the IF is out of that statement! You have to fail to succeed.

I do not know anyone who is a vegetarian 73% of the time. Why would I eat bad on holidays?

Just took a nap! Have not taken a nap in months. It was needed!

Why am I always drawn to “Saving Money” and “Losing Weight” books at Borders?

Wow, the IPhone so well worth it!

Who wears short shorts? Well, this guy next to me does not need to. Seriously!

Is it sneaky to make fresh iced green tea in a “Double Big Gulp” cup at 7-11 and only pay $1.39 for 64oz of fresh green tea?

Apples are the perfect food on the go!

Is Sam’s Club cheaper than Wal-Mart?

I am excited about working out legs tomorrow. Squat!!!!

In 140 characters, what are you doing/thinking?

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