I did something today I have wanted to do for over a year now.

It has bothered me for some time, and I was not able to do anything about it. Finally, today was the day I could do something!

I got an iPhone!

Last year, I bought a phone. I got a nice Blackberry that was on sale for $50 dollars. I wanted a iPhone, but at the time it was $400. I did not have $400 dollars, and a BlackBerry is a very good phone.

Not an iPhone, but a very good phone.

About a month after I got my BlackBerry, they lowered the price of the iPhone to $199. I was excited, and really wanted to get one.

Usually you can upgrade your phone at AT&T by paying $50 dollars more or something. Well, not with an iPhone.

No early upgrades, no exceptions!

If I wanted the phone, I would be paying $600 dollars. I was not about to pay $600 dollars for a phone.

Although I had a really nice phone, I wanted an iPhone. I wanted to be able to put my music on it to work out, and be able to have a true viewing of the Internet. You really do not have that with the BlackBerry Curve.

Now, this all sounds very petty, but it also helps me learn a little about myself.

How does this relate to food and my lifestyle. Well, this is the whole reason why I changed the way I eat. I always want the best.

I do not want to make a low calorie burrito, I want a Chipolte burrito with everything on it.
I do not want a 100 calorie cookie, I want a homemade chocolate chip cookie.
I do not want a low fat meatloaf, I want Mama’s finest meatloaf.

That is why I eat the way I do. I want the best in food, which for me is apples, raspberries, eggs, chicken, fresh garlic, cottage cheese, water, etc. I do not want to fool myself into eating a “healthy” version of a “unhealthy” food. That is like putting a Volvo emblem on a Ford.

When I ate “bad”, I really ate “bad”. Now, I eat the best foods around. Foods that make me feel good about myself.

The BlackBerry was a great phone, but I can already tell it is not as good as the iPhone.

I already installed applications that make Twitter and Facebook easy, so I will add everyone back on. Now I do have time for it!

Okay, time to add more applications! Any Ideas??

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