Last week was a really good week for me at the gym.

I went six days and I hit the goals I set for myself earlier in the week.

It felt good.

I usually go at 5am. It is easier for me to get it done, and then get everything else accomplished that day. I have always been a morning person anyway.

Well, this week was a little different. I had to do some things early in the morning, so instead I went at 8am.

There was a world of difference by doing that!

8am is what I like to call “The beautiful people hour”.

When I walked in, it was like a Coors light commercial.

Realtors, Pharmaceutical Salespeople, and Car Dealers galore ( Sorry, when I think of beautiful people, those are the jobs I think of!)

Bebe Sport and Under Armour were plastered on every one’s shirt.

The women were ab crunching on a ball, while the guys were high fiving each other at the bench press.

Although I have changed my life, I am not a “beautiful person”. I refuse to tan, I do not want a tattoo, and Wal-Mart is my wardrobe of champions!

Yet, although I am no sex symbol, I felt comfortable being there. Not like I would a year ago.

The funny thing about it was I never talk to people at the gym. I just go in and leave. But at the 8am hour, people were chatting away with me.

“Hey man, what’s going on.”
“What are you working out today?”
“Can I get a spot.”

You know, it’s weird, but now that I think about it, “beautiful people” rarely made me feel bad about my weight. They never insulted me, nor did they really make me feel sad, like they do in every teen movie.

It was always people with imperfections that would insult me. It was the 250 pound guy that would call me fat, or the 3 time Weight Watchers member who would tell me I could never lose weight. The guy that had three divorces would tell me that my relationship would not last, and the girl who got fired at her job would tell me I would do the same.

I got a comment by someone named OnPoint who was dead on. OnPoint said:

Tony, sometimes when I read your posts, I see the defensiveness of a 400+ lbs man. That’s not an insult – just an observation.

Yep, because I will always be that 400 pound guy. The minute I think it will not happen, then I will wake up from this dream.

I am glad a beautiful person did not pinch me.

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