I have been very busy lately.

Work, wife, working out, and writing have consumed me lately (I would have put baby on the way and dog but they do not start with a W).

Well, I thought today I would just put out some random thoughts that I have had lately. My wife tells me that I am very random, and I agree with her. We will be talking about something, and I will bring up a topic that has nothing to do with anything.

“Did you get the mail Tony?”
“Yes, and I really love peaches!”

See, what does peaches have to do with anything. By the way, peaches are okay, but I really do love cabbage!

Anyway, here are a few random thoughts I have had lately:

I love the Price is Right. I love the fact that the contestants get so excited when there is a chance of winning a new car. They jump up and down, yet they did not win anything yet!
I love all the games on the show except for Plinko. Everyone gets so excited about Plinko yet I have never seen anyone win more than $5,000 on that game.

This is the first time in eight years that I am not watching American Idol. I always watched the show religiously. Yet, this year, I could care less. I hear it is a great year, but I have more important things to do. American Idol was the last reality show I watched, now I can honestly say I do not watch a reality show. I do watch Law and Order SVU.

I read the article about the guy who lost 80 pounds eating burritos. Really creative and possible, although I heard that Chipolte was not that healthy, but what do I know? Here is the only issue I have. His heaviest picture has him sitting in a chair with arms on it, saying he was 300 pounds. When I was 300 pounds, I could barely sit in a chair with arms on it. There is a lot of room in those arms in his picture.

I got the best email the other day, and I am going to let this person stay anonymous. He/She wrote:
“Do you know how narcissistic you are?”
Well, to answer your question, I am not sure. After I stare at myself in the mirror, and tell myself 20 times that i am perfect and an inspiration, I will definitely ask myself that!

I do not really understand the whole “boot camp” craze at gyms.

Original Fiber One is an awesome product, although I am not eating it as much. Does Fiber One have to make 9 million different products though. Cereals, bars, muffin mixes, cake mixes. If you eat cake, eat cake. Do not fool yourself that you are eating a healthy cake.

Since it is Easter weekend, I will say that I have never been a fan of Peeps, yet I do love eggs. Real eggs, not the cream filled ones.

My blogger friend Steve just lost 50 pounds. The other day, I went to his blog, and the address changed. The new address is on the link here, although today I went to his old blog and saw that the old address worked as well. Huh? Either way, he is a great guy with a great story. Check him out.

Top 5 on my IPod
1. Day “n” Night- Kid Cudi
2. Untouched- The Veronicas
3. I Know You Want Me- Pitbull
4.-Sad but true- Metallica
5.-What Is It- Baby Bash

Top 5 on my BlogPod
1. Joe Blog
2. Bacon Is My Enemy
3. PastaQueen
4. You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
5. Margo Blog

Top 5 on my FoodPod
1. Cottage Cheese
2. Cauliflower
3. Sweet Potatoes
4. Spinach
5. Eggs (No yolking around!)

Last, I appreciate all the positive comments. I love the ones that suggested I become a motivational speaker. I told my wife I am thinking about changing my profession and doing that. Her response was:

“Great, we will live off of crackers for the rest of our lives.”

After she said that, she looked at me and I had my thinking face on, she quickly said:

“The answer is No!”

She knows me very well. I could live off of crackers.

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