Pictures tell a great story!


This was my most proud moment.

At 227, this was the first time I ever put on a tank top. My workouts were great, and my eating habits were great as well!
I remember how proud I was. Imagine, a guy who was over 400 pounds less that a year ago now is showing off a little muscle. It made me work harder at the gym. I was destined to be under 200 pounds!

This was my most proud moment!
On March 3rd, 2009, I weighed in at 198.8 pounds.221.4 pounds lost total. It was the first time I have been under 200 pounds in over 15 years!
I remember telling my wife my weight and she said:
“You really do not need to lose any more weight.”
I agreed with her. I felt really thin, but felt great in a tank top!
I worked out a lot, but most of my workouts were cardio. I would do cardio every time I hit the gym, six to seven days a week.
It was real hard for my doctor to give me a “ideal” weight because I do have excess skin around my belly and legs. It is not that much, but there is some. Even if he told me my ideal weight was 170, I knew that being around 200 pounds was perfect for me.

Then I thought about something, something a little crazy.
I looked at the way I eat, which I love, and realized I could probably gain a considerable amount of muscle. My eating is very similar to how athletes eat, so why not try.
I bought a couple of books and started reading about different kinds of workouts. So over the last 6 weeks or so, I changed a couple of things:

1. I make sure I have at least 200 grams of protein a day.
2. I limit my cardio to three times a week.
3. I am working out with heavier weights. I am weight training three days a week, and I do not do cardio on my weight training days.

Here is my proudest moment!!

Here is the most recent picture of me, taken a couple of hours ago.

Although it looks like last weeks picture, I can see more size than before.

I have not weight myself in a while, but I know I am not under 200 pounds anymore. I would guess I am around 204-206.

I also know that my clothes feel better, and I feel better.

The funny thing is that there is only 20 pounds of difference in these pictures, although I can tell a pretty dramatic difference.

Next week will be even better!

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