I have known my wife for over eight years now, and I love her more and more every day!

My wife really knows me. She knows how to make me better. I have never met anyone like that before, and I will never again.

About six months ago I really started to get into blogging. I really didn’t understand all of the rules and regulations of blogging, but I wanted to learn.

I bought six or eight books on how to be a better blogger. Write shorter posts, make them interesting, comment on other blogs, and build a reputation.

Well, that is what I did. I would comment on a ton of blogs. I would write posts 200-300 words, I would network as much as possible. Here was the problem:

I would try to write posts that I thought everyone would like, which sometimes was not me.

I would write posts that I knew the mass of weight loss readers would like. I really wanted as many positive comments on my blog. And I got a lot of them.

But the negative ones would break my heart!

At first, I never understood why I would get a negative comment. I would re-read my post, and see if I offended anyone. Then, I would make adjustments, and be gentler on my next post.

Another negative comment!

The negative comments would mostly come from anonymous sources, which in my opinion is the weakest person alive.

I mean, if you disagree with something, have the courage to put your name on it!

Anyway, I would be upset and my wife would ask me why:

“I got a negative comment on my blog.”


“It just bothers me. Did I write something bad?”

“I liked your post!”

Once she said that I realized something.

She is the reason I write my blog.

My wife fell in love with me for my strength and courage, not for writing about Weight Watchers meetings.

She loves me for my confidence, not for cauliflower. She loved me just as much when i was 420 pounds as she does at 198.

She always will!

I will admit, since she said that my blog has gotten more honest. In fact, I think it has gotten better. It is a little more edgy and robust.

I am not going to tell people it is easy to lose weight, like Jared tried to tell me 14 months ago.

It is not a game like The Biggest Loser.

No, it is hard work day in and day out.

Is it worth it?

Well, look at my pictures. I think so.

I am so glad I have people who read my blog, and followers.

I love the comments, good and bad. In fact, the negative ones help me get up at 5am every morning!

In fact, I do not mind if you are offended by a post of mine. Trust me, I was offended plenty at 420 pounds. If you are offended by the truth, then oh well.

But I will apologize in advance to the offended, my blog is going to get more honest. I might offend you. I guess you will have to read other blogs. I am okay with that.

I love the honesty!

It is the honesty that my wife fell in love with over eight years ago!

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