My wife does this new thing when she want to get the most out of me.

When there is something she wants me to do around the house, she will say:

“You lost 200 pounds, you can do anything!”

Now, she knows that will push my buttons, so I end up doing the chore.

There has been a lot of “You can do anythings!” lately.

Today I woke up at 4:45am. I went to bed at 12am after a long day, but I really wanted to get the workout in.

I walked the pup, and went to the gym to work out my back.

Ahhh, dead lifts and good mornings galore!!

Then I came home and did some things around the house.
Then I was on a conference call for work.
Then I did some shopping.
And now I am about to go into work.

While I was on the computer, I popped on Twitter and noticed something funny.

I checked out Mizfit’s profile (who is a great blogger by the way!!!) who has over 2000 followers, and I think she follows just the same.

Here is what was remarkable to me. She responds to so many people. How does she have the time! I have 157 followers (or I did) yet I never have the time to follow any of them.

I try to respond to email, but even that is getting hard with working 70 hours a week and a baby on the way.

I loved getting emails in the past, and I still love getting worthwhile ones. I got one this weekend that was incredibly touching. I still respond to most, not all, but most!

I also get emails from people who want me to go into Internet businesses, or sell their products, or want to tell me how upset they were at a post.

I realized today that although I love the Mizfit’s and Roni’s out there, I am pretty true to my word when I say I am not a great weight loss blogger.

Yes, I will not be at BlogHer! First off, I am a him, and second, I am having a baby!

I do not comment on many blogs, nor do I have book clubs, nor do I have challenges. Now, I will post a comment on the WW boards once in a while to show some people that losing 200 pounds can be done, but I do not post on a lot of blogs.

You also will not win a sweet fruit drink here, or some exercise cards.

I would rather answer exercise questions.

I do not have patience for people who say they respect me, then mock me. Nor do I really lose any sleep when people are furious with me in Blog-O-Land! This is a hobby, not my life.

I will always leave my comments open, and also the anonymous button as well. I am not weak, I can take slaps to the face. It just makes me go harder to the gym and a better eater.

I am also glad that I am getting a little less comments now. It makes me write a little better.

What you will get out of me is a funny story from a former 420 pound guy. One who has not had a drop of alcohol in 13 years, nor a regular soda in 20 years, yet managed to gain over 200 pounds, and lose it most recently.

My pictures are my best posts.

With all of this going on, I decided to clean up my Twitter/Facebook. I am not following anyone on Twitter now, but left all of the followers on, so you can see when I eat an egg or an apple.

I also took off a few Facebookers. If you were one I took off, I apologize, nothing personal.

I have learned something about this blog world. Whether you love me or hate me, people still read it.

You really do not have to be well liked personally to be respected.

With the hour extra a day, I am going to do something more worthwhile.

Time to do more chores!

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