Why do I make the food choices I do now after 30 years of Twinkies?

I will admit, it was a very big step to eliminate most processed foods from my diet. I have grown up with fast foods, cookies, cakes, and soda. Honestly, it was all I knew for over 30 years.

SO how does one make that decision?


The other day I was a the gym. It was my “cardio” day. I have split up my workouts now. I weight train on different days as cardio.

Anyway, I was on the elliptical machine and for the first 8 minutes, I was uninspired.

I was going through the motions, watching ESPN like I always do, and jamming to some songs. I think I was listening to The Veronikas.

Don’t tell anyone!

Anyway, around the 9th minute, “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas came on my Ipod and I started to really move.

For the next hour I was really pushing myself hard. I usually have the machine on level 15, but I had it on level 20.

I was sweating like crazy! I love to sweat now. When I was over 400 pounds, I would sweat for no reason.

Now, I like to know there is a reason I sweat.

Anyway, after 65 minutes of the most intense cardio workouts I have had, I looked down on the machine and it said I burned 943 calories.

Now, I do not know how exact it is, but still 943 is the most the machine ever said to me. Looking at it in those bright LCD lights made me feel good.

Then I thought about how hard I worked on that machine. I also thought about the food I used to eat:

Four Slices of Pizza Hut cheese pizza- 920 calories
Two Taco Bell 7-Layer burritos- 1040 calories
Chili’s Chicken Crispers– 1412 calories
McDonald’s Quarter Pounder W/ Large Fries- 1060 calories

Now, I would eat much more than what was listed above, because I did not ONLY eat four slices of pizza.

It did put things in perspective for me.

I work too hard now to use my calories for foods like this. I rearrange my schedule so I can go to the gym, and I put effort into my workouts.

I do see results in my body, and although I do eat a lot of food, it is much less in calories than the 8000 I did put into my body.

But I do not want to eat crappy food after I work so hard. It is like making $100,000 a year only to throw it out the window while driving. To me, it is not worth it.

Yesterday, someone implied that the way I am living my life is the only way.

I think a lot of people imply that.

That is far from the truth. That is not the way I feel at all!

Everyone is different. That is why I do like Weight Watchers, because you can cater the plan to your lifestyle.
Maybe you do want pizza once in a while, maybe you can stop at one piece of cake, and maybe you want to splurge on your anniversary.

For me, and maybe only for me, it is not worth it. I will take the sweat on my back after a hour workout over a Twinkie any day.

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