Growing up, I was a huge sports fan.

Although I lived most of my life in Charlotte, I was born in Cleveland, OH. Since my brother and Dad were big Cleveland fans, it was only fitting that I would be a Cleveland fan as well.

The Cleveland Browns were huge in my house. During the 80’s, no team broke my heart more.

In 1986, the Browns had one of their best seasons. At 12-4, they were destined to go to the Super Bowl, powered by the likes of Bernie Kosar and Webster Slaughter.

They never made the Super Bowl. John Elway took care of that.

In the late 80’s The Cleveland Cavaliers were destined for greatness as well.

They had such a great NBA team, with players like Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, Larry Nance, Ron Harper and John Williams.

They never made the NBA Championships. Michael Jordan took care of that.

In the 90’s, the Cleveland Indians were awesome.

They had such great players like Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, David Justice, Omar Vizquel, Charles Nagy, and Sandy Alomar Jr.

They never won the World Series. Edgar Rentirea took care of that.

When Cleveland sold the Browns, I moved my allegiance to the Carolina Panthers. In 2004, Carolina was having a dream season. Turning around from a horrible 2003 year, they worked their way to the Super Bowl. It was the first team I ever liked in a Super Bowl!

They did not win. Adam Vinatieri took care of that.

So what has this all taught me. Well, here I am with some impressive statistics. In 56 weeks, I have lost 221.4 pounds, I have dropped over 25% of my body fat, I look different, and I just went over 100,000 hits on my blog.

But just like the teams I loved in my youth, it does not mean as much if I do not win it all. If I gain back the weight while my child is growing up, if I quit working out, if I decide I can have a “cheat” day, which will turn into a “cheat” lifetime for me.

And it doesn’t mean a thing if I can’t keep off the weight. But do not worry, because for the first time, I am in control. I will not be watching it on my television. I will be living it every day!

I will watch what I eat
I will wake up at 5am (powered by my pup) to go work out
I will make adjustments if I slip
I will succeed

That is why I will be different that all of the sport teams I loved as a child.

And what hope does my kid have in loving a great sports team, my wife is from Buffalo!

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