You mean I get a day off tomorrow!

Yes, I will take it!

Work has been incredibly busy! Trust me, with restaurants these days, that is a very good thing.

I have been working very hard. Getting up around 5am, and getting home at 11pm. I do not mind.

I have never minded work!

I have not blogged as much over the last few days. It is a shame because I have a ton to blog about.

Ohhhhh, the ideas keep rolling!

I am inspired to write this after I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers Lyn.

Her blog is always interesting!

Plus, she supports me, which is cool as well.

She wrote this post titled “229 pounds”. You should read it and give her support. I am sure she has done it for you, she is a huge blog supporter!

In her post, she does ask some interesting questions:

If someone locked you in your house, alone, and you never saw anyone else or talked to anyone else, would you care how you looked? Would you really care whether you weighed 140 or 180, or 220 or 260… would you? At what point is support totally unnecessary? At what point are you strong enough to just do it FOR YOURSELF, with no positive feedback, no one cheering you on?

These questions are the definition of my journey!

When I started losing weight, I did not do it for myself. I felt horrible that my wife worried about me. I felt bad that I could die at any minute. I was scared my wife would be a widow!

I was scared to lose her!

When I started to lose weight, I told my wife not to tell anyone. It was personal, something I would do for the family!

“What do you mean not tell anyone! Can I tell my parents.” my wife said.

“No you can’t. You can not even tell my parents. This is for us and our future. We will tell everyone in time.”

My wife stuck to her word. Finally after losing 60 pounds, my wife’s parents started to catch on.If you see someone every day, you can not tell a big difference. They saw me every other week, so they knew.

I told them I was losing weight, but told them not to tell anyone. It was personal.

People at work never asked me if I was losing weight. In fact, I would wear big clothes so they would not notice.It was none of their business. I wanted to be healthier.

Finally someone asked me if I was losing weight at work after I dropped 95 pounds (I was 325 pounds). I looked at her and said:

” I do not appreciate your funny comments. You know I am overweight. How dare you make fun of me!”

Hey, no one asked me again!

My brother came to visit me after I lost 136 pounds. I did not tell anyone in my family that I was losing weight, so he was a little shocked when he saw me.

It was not until then that I told my family. My mom was thrilled, but it was only because I was getting healthier. My Dad was thankful I made the decision to lose.

I also had this blog and did not tell anyone about it, not even my wife. When she saw it for the first time in October (after losing over 150 pounds), she started to cry. She never knew I was a decent writer.

Now I have lost over 200 pounds. I love to write about it, but I really get embarrassed when people compliment me. I can be a little arrogant and opinionated on here, but I am truly very humble. I do the blog and post pictures to inspire other people. I am a normal person who has a full time job, a baby on the way, and I am just as scared about the economy as everyone else is.

But to answer Lyn’s question, although it helps, I could do this without the positive feedback.

I couldn’t do it without the love of my wife.

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