I do apologize about the delay of updating my blogroll. I FINALLY got to doing it. If I forgot yours, just let me know.

Some people wrote “Add me to your blogroll” without giving me the address. So please, let me know if I forgot anyone!

While updating my “roll” I thought about some of my favorite weight loss blogs. I think you might be a little surprised as to which ones are my favorites, but I hope they are your favorites as well. I have written about a few of them in the past (Carlos, Pamela, Mizfit, etc.). Well, today I want to highlight three more.

Believe it or not, the first blog I want to highlight is Diana.

Now, personally, we are not fans of each other (remember this post, which is still my favorite post of all time because of the passion! I even kept in every negative comment I received in it, which was a lot!) nor will we ever be. But, that does not mean she does not write a great blog!

She has talent, and I respect that! Her blog is a true weight loss blog. First off, she writes very well. She is honest, and has lost a lot of weight (through eating and working out!)

The best part of her blog is that her life is so interesting to me. The way she articulates her struggles with weight and life intrigues me to no end. If you have not read her blog, I encourage you to do so. I guarantee you will keep reading it.

Another blog I love to read is Kate. She used to comment on my blog a lot, but has not done so for the last few months. She has a wonderful blog as well.

She talks about the Bariatric surgery she recently had, and how she, along with all of us, has struggled with weight loss.

I find her incredibly strong, and it shows through her blog. She basically proves that getting surgery is not “the easy way out”, and she proves it through her hard work and dedication for life. I guarantee once you read her blog, you will keep reading it as well.

The last blog I want to highlight is Karen. I loved her blog from the moment I saw it. I am sure that most of you have read it as well. There was a three month span that she was by far the most popular weight-loss blogger out there. her awesome quotes and positive outlook for life makes her a true inspiration. She has not blogged as much lately, and I miss her posts. I hope she starts to post regularly again, it really inspires me!

Well, just a quick shout out to three of my favorite weight-loss blogs out there. I will highlight some more, because i have a lot I love!

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