We are no different!Actually, we are very similar!

I check out the diet blog scene, and I love when a blogger is giving away something. It is never anything I really want, but it is still cool to see it in a title:

“$5.00 gift card to Paradise giveaway!”

I do not need the prize, but yet I see myself writing a comment to see if I can get it:

“Hey, hey, I got two tickets to paradise, that $5.00 gift card would be great!”

I have been offered to plug products on here, and give away some stuff as well, but nothing was ever that great. A pomegranate drink, workout flash cards, or a fast food restaurant gift card is not something I really want to promote.

But this giveaway is! It is also a great promotion!

Today I woke up at 5am to work out. No hesitation, I was up and moving!

I had a great workout! It felt great!

When I got home, I walked into my garage when I realized something:

I was supposed to organize the garage!

No biggie……except:

I promised to do this in 2005!

I have made every excuse not to do the garage for four years! In four years I have told my wife a ton of doozies. Which include:

I am tired!
Don’t I work hard enough!
Can I enjoy a day off!
I will do it on my next day off!

Well, after working out twice a day, losing weight, and working hard I have realized that i can not make excuses in life anymore. That is why today I am giving away all of my excuses. I do not need them anymore. I do not want them anymore. I need to be better than the excuse!

Today I am giving my weight loss excuses, which include:

1. I do not have time to work out– Really? But I have time to watch American Idol!
2. I would offend her if I did not eat those cookies– Really? Maybe it is time to offend someone!
3. It is too hard– Really? So not being able to tie my shoes and breath properly is easier!
4. I only lost a pound, it is not worth it– Really? Because gaining 250 pounds is better!
5. My metabolism is slow– Really? You do not think it is the 8000 calories a day I used to eat!
6. There was no other food option– Really? Because even Dunkin Doughnuts has a healthier option!
7. I am going through some rough times– Really? Because life gets easier!
8. Everyone gains weight during the holidays– Really? Because I can not make good choices all year round!
9. I am tired– Really? Wake up!
10. No one can lose 200 pounds– Really?

I am glad that people enjoy this blog.

I enjoy it as well.

I look back at some of my posts to see what I wrote. I want to look back at this one when I am making excuses, and realize that I gave them away. I hope no one takes them. In fact, I would love for you all to give some of yours away! Toss out one of your favorite excuses!

And Rebecca, about the garage…..

Umm, maybe this weekend?

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